Dolphins' Coaching Candidate: Mike Shanahan

Blanton Stagno breaks down Miami Dolphins coaching candidate Mike Shanahan.

Mike Shanahan is 63 years old and won back to back Super Bowls with the Broncos during his tenure with them from 1995 to 2008. His last coaching job was with the Washington Redskins where he went 24-40 from 2010 to 2013. He is a proven head coach that knows how to win, but is he a good fit for the Miami Dolphins?

I do not think Mike Shanahan is a good fit for the Miami Dolphins. He led the Broncos to a couple of Super Bowl victories, but after his reign with the Broncos he hasn’t really done much else. He was brought in to coach the Redskins and led them to the playoffs one time with a 10-6 record, but they lost their wildcard game to the Seattle Seahawks. The Dolphins are in a very hard division. The Patriots have been the front runners in the AFC East for several years and the Jets are a strong team as well. A 10-6 record will not make them division champs, but if they are lucky they may get the wild card. When comparing the Redskins opponents in the NFC East to the Dolphins in the AFC East, Miami has it much harder. I think Shanahan will improve the team a bit, but will fall short of making the playoffs each year.

The Dolphins remind me of that Redskins team about five years ago. They had a struggling offense that couldn’t score and a defense that couldn’t stop strong offensive teams. Shanahan led that team to one playoff wildcard game, but overall led that team to a 24-40 record. Being a Dolphins fan I want a coach that can change the Dolphins and show significant improvement to the way the team is coached.

I think Shanahan will show some improvement, but it will not be significant. I do not think he is a good fit because the Dolphins are looking to make the playoffs year after year. Shanahan may get them there, but without consistency year in and year out. This is obviously just my opinion. What do you think? Head over to forums and give us your thoughts. 


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