Dolphins' Draft Prospect: OL Laremy Tunsil

2016 NFL Draft expert Blanton Stagno breaks down Ole Miss' Laremy Tunsil as a potential prospect for the Miami Dolphins.

This past season, Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill was sacked 45 times. While some of those sacks were on the QB’s shoulders, that is unacceptable for an offensive line. Tannehill has played a total of 64 games in the NFL and has been sacked 184 times. Laremy Tunsil has played a total of 28 games for the Mississippi Rebels in his three years and has only been responsible for two sacks. The Dolphins desperately need an offensive lineman that can protect Ryan Tannehill, or the Miami Dolphins can go ahead and toss their ticket to the playoffs in the trash for next season.

This past season, Laremy Tunsil started at left tackle against 5 SEC west powers, which is arguably the best conference in all of college football, and there is no argument that the SEC West is better than the East. In all 5 of those games Ole Miss averaged more than 200 yards on the ground, over 500 total yards, and went 4-1. Without Tunsil, Ole Miss averaged only 104 yards on the ground and about 400 total yards, but more importantly Ole Miss averaged three sacks per game. With Tunsil less than one sack was averaged.

If the Dolphins have the opportunity to draft Tunsil, it would not be a mistake to take the big man from Mississippi in the slightest. This man is a tremendous blocker that can open up lanes for Lamar Miller and Jay Ajayi to run through. Also by drafting him, new Head Coach Adam Gase, would look to run the ball more, which would probably keep Lamar Miller in Miami. Not only will Tunsil bring a stronger run game to the Dolphins, but he will also provide protection so that Tannehill can complete some passes and string some solid drives together.

Look for the Dolphins to make a big splash in this years draft as they have a lot of void to fill and the opportunity to sign a big name rookie talent.


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