Julio Jones Saves 1972 Miami Dolphins' Season

The Carolina Panthers are one game away from winning the Super Bowl and only losing one game all season. The 1972 Miami Dolphins' perfect season is safe thanks to one player primarily: Julio Jones.

Very rarely do the Miami Dolphins have anything in common with the Atlanta Falcons, other then when the two teams sqaure off and play each other. That being said, a common thread unites the two teams as the 2015-2016 culminates with a Super Bowl matchup between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos in a little under two weeks.

That common thread is Falcons WR Julio Jones. The way I see it, Jones is the primary reason why the 1972 Miami Dolphins remain as the only team in NFL history to win every regular season game and go on to win the Super Bowl in the same season. 

I honestly believe the Panthers are going to finish off what has been a very impressive season and defeat the Peyton Manning led Broncos in Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco. 

The Panthers are currently 17-1 on the season, with their lone loss coming back in Week 16, when they fell to the Julio Jones-led Falcons 20-13 in Atlanta, just three weeks after the Panthers destroyed the Falcons 38-0 in Charlotte. 

Julio Jones almost singlehandedly beat the Panthers, who could not stop the league's best WR, who went off for a ridiculous 178 yards on 9 catches and a TD. That TD came late in the game off of a 70 yard prayer of a throw from Matt Ryan. Jones had this monster of a game against one of the NFL's best cornerbacks too in Josh Norman. The play can be seen in the video player above.

For now, the 1972 Miami Dolphins can watch this year's Super Bowl knowing that their historic feat remain intact for another season. This is especially comforting for then HC Don Shula, who will watch his son Mike Shula attempt to bring a Super Bowl win to the Shula family via the offensive coorindator position.

As the game unfolds here in just a few weeks, remember the player that helped knock off the league's hottest team and prevent a second team from entering the glorious realm of going undefeated and winning the Super Bowl. 

Thank you Julio Jones and David Tyree.

Thank you.



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