The Dolphins Discussion offers our opinion on a pertinent topic involving the Dolphins. Today we discuss the battle for the starting center job.

The Dolphins are very high on Seth McKinney. That's no great secret.

But we may find out pretty soon just how impressed they are with their 2002 third-round pick.

The Dolphins are kept McKinney at center this summer, and right now he is battling veteran Tim Ruddy for the starting job.

One thing is for sure: McKinney will be a starter before too long. He has looked very impressive so far in camp and just might be too good to keep out of the starting lineup.

The Dolphins think he's good enough to a quality starting center for a decade or so, and it eventually will come to that.

Ruddy, for his part, also is having a solid camp and he is a proven commodity in the middle of the Dolphins offensive line.

So how's this for a possible scenario: The Dolphins decide that McKinney simply is too good not to start, but they're also happy with Ruddy. So why not just switch McKinney to right guard for this season in place of Todd Perry, who probably is the least impressive of the Dolphins' starting offensive linemen.

Just a hunch.

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