Running back Travis Minor was back at Dolphins camp on Thursday, and talked to the media about the difficulty of dealing with his father's tragic death.

Leslie Minor was killed last week when his motorcycle was hit by a driver with a history of DUI arrests. The funeral was earlier this week in Louisiana.

Minor and his father talked on a regular basis, and the Dolphins running back said he and his father were "real close."

"It's tough, but that's life," Minor said. "He raised me to be a man, and now is a time when I have to be a man. I come from a strong religious family, and we're going to keep all our confidence in God."

Minor said coming back to the Dolphins and being reunited with his teammates was good therapy.

"It all helps trying to get back to normal," he said. "I spoke to my dad the morning I reported to camp and by the time I got out everything changed. I know he'd want me to get on with what I do."

Coach Dave Wannstedt was happy to have Minor, but emphasized he wasn't going to push the running back onto the field until Minor is ready.

"I'm glad he's back here with us where we can all help him through this difficult time and give him the support he needs," Wannstedt said. "That's what we're going to do and it's going to take time. I understand that and we're willing to do whatever we can do to help him.

"Travis is a veteran player now. He knows what we're doing. I'm not worried about the football, I'm just concerned about him as a person."

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