Should Miami Dolphins Keep Lamar Miller?

Miami Dolphins RB Lamar Miller will test free agency this year with the hopes of his talents being fully utilized.

It is no question that Miami Dolphins RB Lamar Miller was underused by both Bill Lazor and Zac Taylor this season. Bill Lazor placed too much trust in his quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who had a very mediocre season in my opinion. Tannehill had a rough season because there were so few run plays called. These play calls led to an unbalanced offense, locker room troubles, losses, and ultimately ended up leading to the firing of Bill Lazor.

In Miller’s past two seasons he has totaled nearly 2000 yards and has recorded 19 touchdowns. That’s an impressive stat line, and many teams will show interest in him during this free agency period. The good news for Miami is that Miller doesn’t necessarily want to leave Miami. He would like to stay, but only if he is guaranteed to have a larger part in Miami’s offense. There were six games where Miller had single digit touches. I can understand his frustration and don’t blame him in the slightest for being frustrated and wanting to test the free agency market. One problem that Miami has is its salary cap space. If they really want to re-sign Lamar Miller, they will have to pitch a very convincing argument to him because the Dolphins currently don't have a lot of money to spare. So the question remains, should the Dolphins let Lamar Miller go?

No, they should not. Even though Miller will not be cheap, he is worth a good contract. He is a special kind of running back and was one of the few promising players the Dolphins had on offense last year. To replace Lamar Miller with an unproven sophomore running back like Jay Ajayi would be a silly move. Ajayi was injured for about half the season last year. In the nine games that he participated in he had 49 touches for 187 yards with one touchdown. Lamar Miller had over 1000 yards his rookie season. Ajayi wasn’t even on pace to reach 500. Ajayi was a backup and maybe if he was utilized more I may think he could eventually be the starting running back, but the coaches never game him a chance. Ajayi for the time being is a solid backup.

 It will be interesting to see how Miami handles the Lamar Miller situation, but if I were them I would do everything to make sure he stayed a Dolphin. Lamar Miller is a special player that will contribute to a more balanced offense and help bring more wins to the city of Miami.


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