Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning's Last Game?

With Super Bowl 50 just days away, here are some of my thoughts on the big game.

Some people are saying that the Super Bowl was played last week in the AFC championship game between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos. The game was a defensive battle with the Broncos coming out on top. Setting up the Denver Broncos to play the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.

The Carolina Panthers are heavy favorites over the injury plagued Denver Broncos.  One of the biggest questions has nothing to do with the game itself, but instead a question of retirement with one of its participants. Will Peyton Manning retire or won’t he? It is a simply question to answer. In no way, shape or form will Manning retire. Peyton Manning will be the Brett Farve of this generation. Both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will not retire in the foreseeable future. Their passion and love for the game is still strong, and I feel Manning wants at least one more championship to tie his younger brother Eli Manning for family bragging rights.

I see Super Bowl 50 as a blow out game, with Carolina coming out on top by 17 points. Denver has survived this season by their defense for the entire season. With injuries surfacing over the last couple of weeks, I do not see the Broncos stopping the very high-powered offense of the Carolina Panthers. Match that with Carolina’s stellar defense and they have the receipt of success in this game. I’m a firm believer that defense wins game and the offense is largely generated by the defense.

It is a giving that Cam Newton is having a phenomenal year at the quarterback position and will be named league MVP. In saying that, I believe that the Super Bowl MVP will be a former Miami Dolphins player.

Ted Ginn Jr. has proven to be an offensive weapon for Newton and the Carolina offense. Ginn will have a huge game and will be that deciding factor when Super Bowl 50 is all said and done. Ginn has had a whirlwind career since being drafted by the Miami Dolphins. After three years with the team he was traded to the San Francisco 49ers for a draft pick where he fell apart and was a non-existent factor for them. After five years with the 49ers Ginn signed with the Carolina Panthers in 2013, which did not end well, he left Carolina and signed with the Arizona Cardinals. Ginn admitted to a Carolina newspaper that he chased a payday in Arizona. The Cardinals cut him just after one season. In the 2015 off-season, the Carolina Panthers ultimately signed in and he has flourished this year and has been very productive in the Panthers going 17-1 this season.

Saying that he has paid his dues in the NFL is an understatement and I hope he gets his just reward in playing his heart out and winning the Super Bowl MVP, yes he will have it tough with his quarterback having a break-out year and will be a competitor for this award.  

Good luck to both teams but in my opinion Carolina will be too strong on both sides of the ball, while the Denver Broncos are too one-sided and that will not be enough to beat the Carolina Panthers.

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