Should Miami Dolphins Pursue Evans?

Jahri Evans, a six-time Pro Bowler might be an answer to the numerous problems the Miami Dolphins have at the guard position.

Earier this week the New Orleans Saints made an unexpected move when they released six-time Pro Bowler Jahri Evans. In the past 4 years, Ryan Tannehill has been the most sacked quarterback in the NFL. The Miami Dolphins offensive line has many problems that need fixing immediately. Evans could be the answer.

 This past season Jahri Evans was dealing with injuries throughout the season and only played in 11 games for the Saints. The Dolphins do not have much money to make a splash in the free agent market this offseason, but I believe they could get make a deal with Evans that both parties would be happy with. The situation the Dolphins are in if they decide to take a look at Evans is a low-risk high-reward situation. They can sign him to a one-year contract and if he doesn’t produce the Dolphins don’t lose much. But what happens if he makes a difference and Tannehill is able to get off passes, which we all know he is capable of? Tannehill just needs time.

Evans is taking this offseason to rest his body and recover from his injuries. If the Dolphins do decide to look at and ultimately sign him to a small contract they may get something very special out of the six-time pro bowler. However, if they believe Evans is not the answer to their O-Line issues, they need to take one in the second round of the draft.




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