Forte To Dolphins, If Miller Is Released?

Many rumors have circulated stating that Matt Forte might be on the Miami Dolphins' radar if Lamar Miller takes his talents elsewhere.

On Friday, Matt Forte announced that he would be a free agent on March 9th, as terms could not be met with the Chicago Bears.

The prospect of Forte joining the Miami Dolphins would make perfect sense since Forte and new head coach Adam Gase have a Chicago Bears connection.  Also. the Miami Dolphins will most likely lose Lamar Miller to free agency,as they have a tough decision where to spend money on personnel.  Olivier Vernon would be the player that the Dolphins would spend money on, and I can not see the Dolphins spending money on both frontline players at this time.

With Matt Forte being 30 years old, his cost will be significantly lower than the 26-year-old Miller. The good points about getting Forte at this age is that his body has not taking a beating as some backs his age and has shown little physical decline.

If the Dolphins release Miller to free agency, they would automatically be pressed to put unproven 2015 rookie Jay Ajayi into their starting roll. With the addition of Matt Forte they would have a proven veteran at the helm with Ajayi as his back-up until he is ready to take the reins as the starter with more of a learning curve under his belt in the next year or so.

The perfect scenario, would be the Dolphins having enough money and cap room to keep both of their star players in Lamar Miller and Olivier Vernon.  There is no way this will happen, but the door is open for getting the best out of the situation by signing a veteran like Matt Forte to the roster and shoring up a great substitute teacher for the rookie Jay Ajayi to become a great running back for the future of the Miami Dolphins.



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