Miami Dolphins: Lamar Miller or Matt Forte?

Should the Miami Dolphins try to resign Lamar Miller or move on to Matt Forte?

Matt Forte has recently been popping up in the media because the Chicago Bears have made it known to him that they will not re-sign him. Forte is currently looking for a new team and the Miami Dolphins are interested.

Miami’s star running back, Lamar Miller is a free agent also. Miami is hesitant to re-sign him because he is expensive. The Dolphins also have to re-sign Olivier Vernon or Cameron Wake. The Dolphins do not have a copious amount of cash right now to spend so they have to be smart with and how they use it. Olivier Vernon is a must for Miami to re-sign. Cameron Wake is coming off injury and may not be the same even though the Dolphins are reevaluating him. Lamar Miller is just too expensive for Miami. They could re-sign him, but they would have a hard time offering decent contracts to other players of high value. If they do not sign Lamar Miller they will rely on Jay Ajayi, an unproven back, or they will test the free agent market.

Matt Forte, a veteran 30-year-old back, who had numbers similar to Miller’s last year is available. This would be a solid pick-up if the Dolphins are lucky enough to get him. With his eight years of experience, he would be a great mentor for Ajayi. Another great asset that he could bring to the Dolphins is that he is arguably the best receiving running back in the league. In 2014 he caught 102 passes for more than 800 yards. He is the first running back to have more than 100 receptions in a single season. Forte’s skill set would be more than valuable to Ryan Tannehill who continually finds himself being put on the ground. Tannehill would be able to get the ball out of his hands quickly by throwing short screen passes to Forte who can turn a short pass into a big gain just like Julian Edelman. In the past 4 years, Tannehill has been sacked a league high 184 times, which is why The Miami Dolphins should put Matt Forte atop of their free agent target list.

However, there are two problems that will probably get in the way of Dolphins signing Forte. He wants to sign with a program that wins games. Miami has not been to the playoffs since 2008 and don’t seem to be going back immediately, which is what Forte is looking for. The team however that will be going back immediately is the New England Patriots and unfortunately for the Dolphins, Forte’s style of play fits perfectly into the Patriots system. Many NFL insiders believe that is where Forte will sign.

Forte has a great relationship with new Dolphin’s head coach, Adam Gase and even said that he loved playing for him. Maybe Gase can lure Forte into signing with the Dolphins. It would sure be a victory if Matt Forte signed with Miami.



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