Miami Dolphins' Matt Hazel A Hidden Gem?

When the pre-season started last year, I had really high hopes that the Miami Dolphins found the next Wes Welker in Matt Hazel. Is he ready for a bigger role in 2016?

Miami Dolphins WR Matt Hazel had a great pre-season and played very well in his role of being a non-starter who started in the pre-season.

In my opinion, Matt Hazel is the next Wes Welker or Danny AmendolaHe possesses all the big play abilities as both of these players.  He just was not giving the chance with former head coach Joe Philbin and former interim head coach Dan Campbell. Neither gave him a chance just like they did not unleash the true athletic abilities of rookie wide receiver DeVante Parker or RB Lamar Miller.

Hazel is an exclusive rights free agent, which means his contract has expired and has three or fewer tenured years in the league.  His original team must make a contract offer by the league imposed deadline or Hazel will become an unrestricted free agent.

Being that he was not used to any degree last year, I hope the offensive minded new head coach Adam Gase will take a long deep look into this player and relize that he had the potential to be a great slot receiver for the Miami DolphinsImagine, DeVante Parker on one side, Jarvis Landry on the other, Matt Hazel in the slot, Rishard Matthews on the inside, Jordan Cameron on tight end, Lamar Miller at running back and Robert Griffin III or Johnny Manzel throwing the ball…got ya!!!  I meant to say Ryan Tannehill throwing the ball.  That’s a shotgun formation I’m dying to see come to fruition.



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