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Dolphins' Gase Reveals Thoughts On Combine

Lindsey Jones of USA Sports sat down with Miami Dolphins new head coach Adam Gase to get his thoughts on his first combine.

Feeling on first combine: It's been an interesting start, happy everything has been quick, just from the start of it, getting hired, getting our coaching staff, moving right into our own roster, just the scheme things that we're working on. everything happens differently than it has when you've been at a place for a while. Assessment of roster since you’ve been hired? We're still going through the process. i know we're still two weeks out from free agency, and we do know we have some holes, where we have some needs we have to fill, and right now it's really going to see, where are we at with our guys the closer we get free agency and then we'll move on from there Lamar Miller, do you want to see him return? the group that we have out in free agency right now, we're working to get these guys back. we have some good players that are available and we have to do what we can to see these guys back on our roster. Have you talked to brent grimes about his wife's comments? I've talked to Brent, but that never came up. we just had general conversation, he stopped up in my office, we had a good conversation and that never came up. At all concerned about his wife being a distraction? I wasn't here, that's not something that I'm concerned with right now. Right now i'm worried about putting this roster together and kind of going tyhrough that process.. What's first thing you want to do with Ryan Tannehill? I think for us its just going to be teaching the offense, that's going to take some time, we've got to figure out what's best for us. we do have a different group than what we had in chicago as far as the skillset, where are our strengths are. it's a different group of guys and so we're going` to have to figure out what we do best and that's what we're going to hang our hat on.. Foresee wholesale changes to the offense? we have a philosophy of what we want to do offensively and then we kind of build around what players we have on the roster right now. We've got some holes we have to fill and it starts with what happens at our running back position. The wide outs and the tight end group we feel great about, we just have to clean up the offensive line a little bit. Once we figure those things out, that's why the offseason is great, you have time to do this. Once we figure this out we'll have a better idea of what we're going to do. Advice from John Fox on being a HC? The thing that I saw him do last year was a great experience for us, just for the fact that we had to move to a different team. It was year one of that situation, just seeing him move around th ebuildinng, the impact he made in every department across the building, and then once the players got in the building the impact that he had on them, that was something that I witnessed, I saw a culture change. Just to see him do that, that's priceless just for my development and being able to come to Miami and do the best I can to touch each department and make sure that those guys feel that I'mm a part of the entire building. Guard play -- what happens when it's good and bad? When you have good guard play, it's easier for the quarterback to step up, let those tackles run the defensive ends around them, that firm pocket is critical if you want to become a real good passing team and that's something we're looking to improve. I think that we have some ideas on how we can help the guys that we have currently on the roster and it's going to start in our phase one, in our strength program. that's omething we're looking to improve on. Favorite moment with Peyton Manning? It's hard to have one moment to think about. I know that 2013 season was special. I know that first game was something great to be a part of it. Seeing him operate. That was our first real game working together. I know that seventh touchdown he threw, that was all him. He saw what they were doing, checked do a play and just to be a part of an offense to where guys were clicking and everybody was on the same page, that was something special to be a part of. spent much time with Ryan Tannehill yet? No, I mean, we're not able to. I've been able to talk to him if he stops by, if he's working out I can talk to him, but you can't do anything football-wise. Will Tannehill be asked to make checks at the line? That's the one good thing about this offense, it's really on the players how much they can handle. It takes the entire group to understand what's going on. the quarterback can't do it if no one else knows what to do as well. It's something we eventually got to in Chicago. I thought Jay did a good job of handling that, that was something different that he had't really done a whole bunch of. But the quarterback in this system does have the abillity to move in and out of plays, and it's going to be how much can our group handle. Earlier, it's probably not going to be as much as it will be later. How will Dowell Loggains be as OC in chicago with Jay Cutler? It's a great dynamic, I know that. I always loved going around those two guys and kind of seeing the banter between them. When they hit the field, there's something special there between those two guys and the way they work together and the way they communicate, it'll be a great situation for Jay, that offense is in great hands, I mean that whole coaching staff is top notch. I enjoyed working with all those guys, but those two guys together, they'll be able to keep that system going, they'll be able to keep that continuity going. Thoughts on Dion Jordan? Right now I just know he's suspended, so whenever or however that ends up works out, we'll get to that when that comes about. Jordan Cameron and DeVante Parker, how do they fit in your offense? Jordan, obviously the tight end position that we've made a living on in this offense over the last three years, so both those guys, I really see a great fit as far as what we do. As far as Devante, we looked at him hard in Chicago last year. We ended` up taking Kevin, but those two guys were neck and neck, we liked them both and our decision was to go with Kevin, but devante was a guy that was high up on our board. I love his skillset, he has great hands, a big body, a guy that can go get the ball down the field. excited to see what he can do in this offense. Favorite things about your new coordinators? I think with Clyde, like I told him when we were talking to him, I more had him hired before he accepted the job. I told him, we stole your offense. That's what we did, we just made a few tweaks, from when you were in Indy. So really he's walking into a situation where he already knows everything. so just putting him in place and letting him run those meetings and get everything organized, I think he has a really good feel for what I'm looking for. As far as Vance, just I've worked with Vance before, practiced against him. Competing against him over the last few years, he was a guy that always drove me nuts, I always felt he knew way too much what was going on our side of the ball and that was something that always intrigued me. I always felt like if I had an opportunity, a chance to hire him, I was going to do it. IQ test to evaluate players, how does that help? It's just another piece of the puzzle. All of the things that we do in the combine, the research you do talking to coaches, all these types of things, they really help you have an idea what that person is. there's a lot of pieces to the puzzle and you jjust make sure that your ducks are in row and when it's time to make a pick -- and it's the same thing in free agency, when iit's time to grab a guy in free agency you're hoping that your information is correct. Vance Joseph comes from a 3-4? With Vance being in Cincinnati, moving from [Wade?] did, we're going to a 4-3 defense and we're bringing the wide nine defense that he did in Cincinnati. We feel that's best for us. Vance was able to go either way, whether it was a 3-4 or 4-3, we felt like for a personnel we have, sticking with the 4-3 was going to be critical for us. Your role in evaluations now? The great thing about having Mike and Chris, they've been working together now for almost a year. I'm just kind of ocming in and getting a feel for how they work. The great thing that we did, we sat down with the coaching staff, we talked about what we're looking for and Chris has done a great job of getting with our scouts, we've talked through the types of attributes we're looking for in each player and so as we go through this process, I'm really taking a little bit of a back seat to some of this because we're all trying to learn each other. I mean, Chris was hired to be the GM, he was hired to do a job of making sure we put togehter a great roster of players. so right now, that's his role and moving forward that's what he's going to do. we'll go through the draft and chris is going to pick great players. Olivier Vernon getting franchise tagged? I mean we're just kind of going through that whole process right now. I wish I had an answer. The great thing is we're still two weeks out before free agency hits, so we're able to kind of go through our whole plan and keep having discussions with our front office, right now we're still a ways from that process ending. Thoughts on Ndamukong Suh at this point? I think Suh is in a good place right no, he's stopped by quite a few times, we've had some good discussions, just talking in general terms. He's a guy that seems to be -- he's been around the building quite a bit as far as working out on his own. I know he has some things he likes to do business wise. But I think he's in a good place. we've had some great conversations and we'll see how those things go moving forward. Evaluation of Jay Ajayi? He was a guy we actually looked at coming out when we were in Chicago. When I look at the tape from last year, he almost looked like a different player to me. I was very excited to see what we could do moving forward. I know we have two guys under contract, and one being a free agent, but all three of those guys that were on that roster last tyear I really like. I feel like they all have great skill sets, they're all a little bit different, so down the road we'll just see how it plays out, but as far as Jay I like his skillset and I'm excited to see what we can do with him. State of free safety position? There's a couple spots on defense we're looking to clean up a little bit. We're just going to have to see how this whole thing plays out, whether its draft, free agency, our own guy, who are we looking to put where. I mean we're still so far away from this thing being an end product. We're two weeks away from free agency, so we've still got a lot of time. Is team as is close to being able to compete, or needs major work in FA/Draft? Every year is a new year, so right now we're heading into free agency and we have some needs we need to fill. But you never know how these games play out. It's crazy. You figure out a way to stay in it in the fourth quarter and you pull some of these things off and momentum changes, last year in Chicago we ended up being 6-10, I mean that thing could have flipped. A couple things went haywire at the end of the game and we don't make the playoffs. But hey what if they do go our way and all of a sudden we do find a way to sneak into the playoffs? I mean, every year is a different year. How has Suh met your expectation of him or public portrayal of him? That's a tough one for me to answer because I didn't overly research anything. I just remember I think we played him one time when I was in Denver and I just remember him being an issue, blocking him. Everything I've known about him has been a dominant player. I know he played well last year, I watched the second half of the season -- you watch that tape, he was disruptive. He's all over the place. Moving forward, we're excited to get him going in this defense. Thoughts on Kenny Stills? Kenny's an interesting guy, I've done a lot of research on him because we looked at him in the draft, actually before he got traded here we were looking at him in Chicago, looking to add pieces to the puzzle. He was a guy I was excited about. I know that vertical speed, guys like that are hard to find. I'm interested to see what we can do with him. I think we can help him a lot and we'll see how he ends up producing for us this year. What position is deep in this draft? I mean it's so early for me in this process. I mean, you've got to understand, going through what we've gone through as far as the coaching change, getting our stuff ready, for me to sit here and act like I'm an expert on hey, this position is the best, I couldn't give a good one for you. What did you learn from Josh McDaniels about being a HC? We actually talked about some things after after the dust settled on that stuff was about the message that's delivered to our players is critical, about being consistent with that but at the same time, the more guys you can put around yourself that are familiar with that you're looking to do and the guys that can kind of follow the direction that you're looking for and the less time you have to spend in one area of offense, defense, special teams, the more that you're available to everybody the better. What are Lions getting in Brian Callahan? Brian is a great worker, he's sharp. The thing that Brian brought to the table was, when Jim Bob Cooter left, Brian really became my guy in 2014. He was somebody that I loved being around every day, he worked tireless hours. it was unbelievable how much time he put in. I don't know the exact hours I just know he left a lot later than I did. Brian is a very good coach. I know the respect he has from Peyton is, I don't even know how to explain it. He did a great job for that quarterback room, and it's good to see that he's getting an opprotunity. null

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