Doug Martin to Dolphins if Miller Goes?

Blanton Stagno weighs in on the possibility of RB Doug Martin heading to the Miami Dolphins.

The Miami Dolphins have made great strides this offseason after finishing their 2015 campaign with a disappointing 6-10 record. They hired Adam Gase with great offensive experience as their head coach and Vance Joseph who has reshaped weak defenses into strong ones as their defensive coordinator. As of now Lamar Miller, Miami’s star running back, may be saying good bye to the sun and the city of Miami. Can Miami bring in a star if Miller leaves?

Doug Martin is a running back that is very intriguing to many teams. Last year, after coming back from two knee surgeries, Martin rushed for 1,402 yards, had 271 receiving yards, and averaged 4.9 yards per carry. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers like Miami, went 6-10, but did it with a rookie quarterback, Jameis Winston. Doug Martin carried that team and Jameis relied on him all year. It’s a luxury to have a running back that can get first downs when the passing game isn’t there, which is usually what happens sometimes with a rookie quarterback.

Miami’s passing game was almost absent in every game last season. Ryan Tannehill looked lost on the field and struggled all season. Hopefully he will turn all that around, so Miami fans can be confident when they see Tannehill drop back and step into a throw. If and when Tanehill does struggle, Doug Martin would be a very nice asset to have in the back field. Martin can give Tannehill a good option for a screen. Whenever a quarterback is struggling to throw the ball, a few screen passes can always help out. Martin is also a great blocker. Being small and built low to the ground, he has the ability to get under pass rushers and slow them down.

Doug Martin would be a fantastic pick up for Miami. It will take a lot of convincing to bring him in though. He has already told Tampa Bay that he wants to stay, and with all the perks that the city of Miami offers, Tampa is pretty similar. Doug Martin also has an expensive price tag to his name and Miami doesn’t have much to spend. I don’t see Doug Martin coming to Miami, but I would be ecstatic if by some amazing miracle he put on a number 22 Dolphins jersey on in early September.

Even if Doug Martin doesn’t come to Miami and Lamar Miller does leave Miami fans shouldn’t be too upset. Adam Gase is a great coach with a great offensive mind. He will find ways to get the Dolphins to score.

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