Should Dolphins Look At RB Terron Beckham?

Who is Terron Beckham, you might ask? He is the cousin of WR Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants.

Terron Beckham has not played football since high school five years ago.  He has not played in college but has trained for the past five years for the NFL draft. When he did lace them up, he played at the running back position. He is 5-foot 11-inches, 230 pounds, which would make him a force at this position.

Terron Beckham was NOT invited to the NFL combine, but WAS invited to show off his talents at the National Scouting Combine which is a separate event from the NFL Combine. The National Scouting Combine is an event that gives athletes who weren’t invited to the NFL Combine an opportunity to show their talents to pro scouts.

 Some of this stats from the National Scouting Combine were bench pressing 225 pounds a record 42 times, he also showed that he can jump more than a credit card vertical with an incredible 45-inch vertical jump.

Yes, these are impressive stats, but stats alone will not get you drafted to an NFL team.  Neither should having a family name already cemented in the NFL (Odell Beckham Jr.) make that a given that you will be on a NFL roster. Even if his football skills are still a little raw. Beckham's remarkable blend of strength, speed and athleticism should draw heavy interest from NFL teams.

I have a feeling that we will be hearing this young man's name very soon in the NFL.  I also feel that his talents of being a running back will be showcased very soon and some team, hopefully the Miami Dolphins should take a chance on this no-name player and maybe, just maybe he could be that found diamond in the rough.

Feel free to search his name and see for yourself what type of athlete he is and consider if he would or wouldn’t make it in the NFL.



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