What Alonso and Maxwell Bring to Dolphins

Blanton Stagno reveals why he thinks Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell will boost the Miami Dolphins' defense.

Kiko Alonso

 A few years ago Kiko Alonso was a solid starting linebacker for the Buffalo Bills. He didn’t do much wrong. He made plays, tackled well, had good positioning, and then he went to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015 to play for Chip Kelly in the LeSean McCoy deal. In the first game, Alonso shined. He made one of the best interceptions the NFL has ever seen, and the interception came at a crucial time in the game. The interception changed the momentum of the game for the Eagles that almost had them making a miraculous come back, but unfortunately they lost by two. In the Eagles next game, Alonso hurt his knee and ended up missing five games. Fans were excited to see him return, but he was not himself. He couldn’t make the big plays anymore. He was on the field, but his name was never called.

Alonso is now on the Miami Dolphins. Miami is hoping that he can make big plays for them. The Dolphin’s fans sure know they need a game changer on that mess of a defense they have, but are constantly working to fix it this offseason. Last season in the 11 games that Alonso played, he recorded 43 tackles and one interception. In my opinion, he could be a disappointment in the upcoming season. When healthy he is a solid player, but that is before he hurt his knee. After coming back from the injury he was not the same and may not ever be again. However, the impressive defense coordinator, Vance Joseph, may find a way for Alonso to shine again.

Byron Maxwell

 Byron Maxwell just signed a $17 million dollar deal with 13.5 million guaranteed over the next 2 seasons with the Dolphins. Byron Maxwell was a good cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles in the previous season. Last year he had 64 tackles, 2 interceptions, and 1 fumble recovered. In 2015 the Eagles signed Maxwell to a 6-year deal worth over 60 million dollars, but after one year with the team the Eagles and Maxwell parted ways. The Eagles traded him so they wouldn’t have to continue to pay him large amounts of money. The move freed up options for the Eagles to spend their money more freely, but it allowed Miami to make a great move.

Byron Maxwell is a talented cornerback, and there is no question about it. He is 6’1 weighing in at 207 pounds and plays very physical. The only problem I have with this deal is that Miami loses their eighth pick in the draft and drops to 13. They will lose a star player that was likely to be cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III or Myles Jack. However, if Maxwell continues to play at a strong level for Miami the deal is genius. The Dolphins could now draft another great defensive player, or draft a great receiver to play alongside Jarvis Landry and help out Tannehill. I’m excited to see what Miami will do with their 13th pick!




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