The Dolphins Discussion offers our opinion on a pertinent topic involving the Dolphins. Today we examine the first depth chart of 2003, focusing on the defense.

The big story on defense involved the strong safety position, where Sammy Knight was listed as the starter ahead of Arturo Freeman. That obviously was not great surprise, considering the resume Knight brought with him from New Orleans.

Here's a position-by-position look at the defensive depth chart.

LDE — No surprise there, with Adewale Ogunleye the starter followed by Jay Williams and long shot Corey Callens.

LDT — Again, no surprise, with Tim Bowens, followed by Jeff Zgonina, Davern Williams and Johnny Thomas.

RDT — Larry Chester is the starter, backed up by Dario Romero, Maurice Anderson and Damonte McKenzie. No surprises here, either.

RDE — Jason Taylor is the starter, backed up by veteran Rob Burnett and rookie free agent Otis Grigsby. David Bowens would have been listed here, as well, but he's injured.

WLB — Rookie Corey Jenkins is second team behind starter Junior Seau, with Brendon Ayanbadejo listed third. That tells us Jenkins is on his way to making the team.

MLB — Zach Thomas is your starter, followed by Tommy Hendricks, Justin Seaverns and Bam Hardmon. No great mystery here, either, with Thomas and Hendricks virtual locks to make the team.

SLB — Morlon Greewnood is expected to have to fight off rookie Eddie Moore to keep his starting job, but he's listed first on the depth chart. Moore is second, followed by long shot Devin Lemons.

LCB — Again, no surprises, with Patrick Surtain followed by Jamar Fletcher, Alphonso Roundtree and Cedric Donaldson.

RCB — Sam Madison is your starter, with Terrell Buckley next in line, followed by Omare Lowe and Korey Banks.

SS — The Knight-Freeman battle aside, Shawn Wooden is listed third with Terrance Leftwich next in line. No shocker here as well.

FS — Brock Marion obviously is listed first, but the presence of Scott McGarrahan on second team ahead of Trent Gamble is somewhat surprising. That's because Gamble has always been considered a better defensive player. Look for this to change at some point in the preseason.

SPECIALISTS — As with most positions on this team, everything was pretty obvious. It might be interesting to note that Robert Baker and Kendall Newson are the two listed backups behind Charlie Rogers at punt returner, while Travis Minor and Sam Simmons are Rogers' two listed backups at kickoff returner.

NOTE: Because of an error in the official depth chart, we mistakenly had Greg Jerman at guard and Taylor Whitley at tackle in the offensive analysis of the depth chart. It should be the other way around, although the comment about Jerman maybe lacking the footwork to play tackle is still valid. At this point, he's still a question mark. Note that he was moved from the left side to the right side.

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