Anderson To Remain A Bronco

C.J. Anderson seemed to be the running back of choice for the Miami Dolphins in this free agency season.

Today, though… it seems that C.J. Anderson has chosen to stay with his former team. The Denver Broncos have matched the Miami Dolphins offer for the running back and Miami has till midnight tonight to counteroffer.

I do not see this happening, as Anderson will take the offer made by the defending Super Bowl Champs and stay with a contending team.

I really thought Miami had a franchise back in C.J. Anderson and was hoping that the offer made was substantial enough to sign the running back.

I guess back to the drawing board for the Dolphins. Maybe Miami has a back-up plan for a running back out of the draft, or even as I stated earlier, RB Terron Beckham is out there and looking for a team to sign to.


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