Proposed NFL Rule Changes

It is that time of year when the owners of NFL teams come together and work with the league to keep or change the rules of the game.

Let us take a look at some of them and have a discussion about these proposed rule changes.

Touchbacks after kickoffs will bring the football to the 25-yard line. The Competition Committee proposes this rule change. I do not like this proposal due to the fact that this is the pro game not college; this move will be exactly what they do in the college ranks.

Coaches’ challenges increased from two to three; reviewable plays expanded. The Baltimore Ravens proposes this rule change. I do not mind this proposal; it just makes sure the right call is made. Plus with all the booth reviews being called, what’s one more option for coaches to have a say.

Quarterbacks will be prohibited from falling to the ground, rising and throwing a forward pass. The Kansas City Chiefs proposes this rule change. This is not a plausible rule change in my mind. This stems from Peyton Manning conceding a sack against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He fell to the ground conceding a sack but because he was not touched, he got up and completed a pass for a huge gain. To me, if he was not touched and got up and threw a pass so be it. It was the defensive fault for not touching him, or planting him into the ground.

Provide a third coaches’ challenge if one of two challenges are successful. The Minnesota Vikings proposes this rule change.This proposition is a game within a game rule. I do not agree with this rule and should be considered in the rule change of granting a third challenge to all coaches in addition to the two already allowed.

Eliminate preseason overtime. The Washington Redskins proposes this rule change. I am highly in favor to eliminate preseason down to two to three games instead of the four the league has now. I would be in favor for eliminating overtime in the preseason. How many times have we seen crucial injuries to key personal that make an impact to a teams success in the regular season. Example would be rookie running back for the Miami Dolphins Jay Ajayi. In the last preseason game last year he got injured and it cost him to miss games in the regular season which impeded his growth his first year with the Miami Dolphins.

These are just a few of the rule changes being proposed by the Competition Committee and some NFL teams. I will be interested to see what the outcome will be on some of these, it could possible make our great game better or could make it worse.



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