Miami Dolphins' Draft Options

Staff writer Mark Morales-Smith breaks down each option for the Miami Dolphins, who currently hold the 13th overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

The Miami Dolphins have a plenty of holes to fill in this year’s draft and will have a ton of different options. I’ll be going over the multiple possibilities both good and bad. For the sake of the article, we’ll assume the 'Phins are picking at No. 13 and not trading either up or down.


The Dream Pick

The dream pick would be Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey. However, this is nothing more than wishful thinking. Unless Ramsey gets busted for drugs or assaults someone in a parking lot at some point this month, there is no chance he falls to No. 13. He’s the best player in the draft and deserves to be picked first overall. I’d be shocked if he dropped past the five slot. Currently I have him slated to go to the San Diego Chargers at pick No.3. Still, we can dream right?


The (Realistic) Dream Pick

While Florida cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III may very well be gone as well, there is a decent chance he falls to the Dolphins at pick No. 13. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints all seem like they could be in the market for a corner. Nonetheless, there are a handful of great corners that scouts could value higher and all three teams have other needs that may be viewed as more pressing. In my latest mock draft I do have Chicago selecting Hargreaves, nevertheless, it’s not that much of a long shot to think he could fall to us.

Hargreaves is the best pure corner in this draft. While there are some concerns about his size at just 5-foot-10, I don’t feel that will be an issue. He has outstanding technique and footwork, and has proven he can hold his own against the best of the best while at Florida, although, Amari Cooper did dominate him. Still, he has the instincts, ball skills and ability to be an immediate impact player in man coverage. The only real concern his ability to recover when a speedy wide receiver creates separation. With that said, all rookies have some questions surrounding them entering the draft.


The Wrong Pick

A popular theory right now is that we should draft Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott. First and foremost I want to make it clear that this is not a knock on Elliott. Drafting a running back would be a major mistake. This is not as pressing a need as so many seem to making it out to be. While Elliott is very good, he’s not Todd Gurley and he really wasn’t all that much better than Jay Ajayi in college. While Elliott does have a home run burst that Ajayi may lack, Ajayi is a better pass-catcher. Both guys were great and Elliott was a bit better. With that said he wasn’t so much better that we should use a first-rounder on a back. Miami got very lucky teams were afraid of an old knee injury and allowed Ajayi to fall to round five. People seem to forget that a week or two before the draft he was viewed as the third best back in the draft and was projected to be a second-round pick.

Ajayi vs Elliott by the numbers prior to being drafted



































 The Right Pick

This is obviously going off the idea that Hargreaves is gone otherwise, he’s the man here. They pretty much have to address either the linebacker or corner position. There’s also an outside chance the Dolphins can go with a defensive end as well considering Cameron Wake and Mario Williams’ age, as well as Wake’s torn Achilles and Williams’ awful 2015 season.

If Miami goes with a corner, Mackensie Alexander, Eli Apple and William Jackson are all viable options. They may actual fit the physical description better than Hargreaves for what our coaching staff is looking for. Nonetheless, I feel the corner position is very deep in this draft and they can still get a very good CB in round two. I’ve been very open expressing my belief they should draft Artie Burns from the University of Miami in Round 2. In reality, none of these guys would be a bad option.

Still, I believe they should go with a linebacker here. The top options that will likely be available are OLB Darron Lee from Ohio State and ILB Reggie Ragland from Alabama. Ragland fits the more pressing need, But Lee is the superior player. The 'Phins have enough of a need at linebacker that they can really go inside or outside.

I feel Ragland is not worthy of a top 20 pick and Lee will be the best player available. That’s who they should Draft with their 13th-overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. He can be an immediate starter and impact player on our defense. Lee is good enough to be a Defensive Rookie of the Year candidate. 



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