Miami Dolphins Launch Web Program

On April 11th the Miami Dolphins will hit the Internet with web-based programming, which will air daily featuring different content each day.

The new programming and social media integration is intended to bring fans closer to the team with behind the scenes information.

Some of the shows being broadcasted will be a daily news show, interviews and live break-ins. With the offseason workouts beginning on April 11th we will get our first taste of this new and exciting experience.

The Miami Dolphins are hitting every aspect of the web, we can tune in to the content by going to, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, as well as the Dolphins mobile app.

On April 28th the Miami Dolphins will have an interactive experience from the draft with a segment called “The Audible” which will feature in-depth information on the happenings on draft day with conversations, interviews and social interactions with the fans.

This sounds so kool and I cannot wait to see if this brings Dolphins fans an in-depth perspective into the Miami Dolphins this year.


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