Shaq Lawson Adds Depth, Value for Dolphins

Blanton Stagno reveals why he thinks the Miami Dolphins should take DE Shaq Lawson in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Shaquille Lawson is coming out of the Clemson Tigers as a star who was a major piece to their amazing 2015 National Championship run. In 2015 Shaq Lawson started for the Clemson Tigers. He totaled 12.5 sacks and 25.5 tackles for a loss, leading the NCAA. Dabo Swinney has said Lawson’s work ethic is great, and that is why he gave Shaq the starting spot. He did not disappoint. He lived up to Swinney’s expectations and thrived in big time games. The Miami Dolphins need someone that can live up to the hype and play as they are expected to, because Miami failed in every aspect of doing that last year.

After Miami’s struggles this off season by losing Lamar Miller and Olivier Vernon, they desperately need someone who can fill the void of Vernon. Shaq Lawson would be the perfect piece. He will not be nearly as expensive as Vernon is, Miami can retain Lawson for a few years, and he would be the perfect piece along side Cameron Wake and Ndamukong Suh. Lawson is relentless on the field and won’t stop hustling until the play is dead. Cameron Wake and Suh already cause enough pressure for quarterbacks and force them to move around the pocket to escape getting sacked. At Clemson, Lawson would usually be the one to get to the mobile quarterback in the pocket. He would use his strength to shake off his blocker and then hustle to get the sack.

Shaq Lawson is not going to stun anyone with his athletic ability, but you do not have to be extremely athletic to be good in the NFL. Shaq Lawson is athletic enough though. What makes Lawson so good and for sure a first round draft pick is his relentless hustle, instinct, and stamina. Being an instinctive player is extremely valuable. Look at the success that Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Ray Lewis had in their careers when they relied on their instincts to change a play, or line up differently. Lawson, over the 2015 season disrupted pitch and screen plays all year.

Lawson also is a player who others admire. Suh could benefit from having a younger player on the line like Shaq to mold. Shaq could learn a lot in a little amount of time from veterans like Suh and Wake. Lawson will make everybody around him better and with Miami having the 13th overall pick in the draft, I do not see a more valuable defensive player than Shaq Lawson.



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