Dolphins In Deep Waters With Schedule Release

With the release of the 2016 NFL schedule, the Miami Dolphins might be in deep waters swimming up for air.

I am going to put this as blunt as I can without screaming at my TV and losing my temper. What an absolutely ridiculously tough schedule the league has given the Miami Dolphins.

Yes, the first two games away are by request from the Dolphins due to stadium construction. The first game of the year has Miami going to Seattle, that is the first part of the problem; the second part of the problem is that they are playing the Seattle Seahawks who are usually unbeatable in Seattle. The second game of the year, in my opinion is going to be equally hard to win as it is in Gillette Stadium in Foxborough facing off against the New England Patriots.

After the two toughest games to start the year, the Dolphins face a rebuilding Cleveland Browns where a win will come.  In Week four, Miami faces off against a tough Cincinnati Bengals team; this will be a tough match-up against a hungry Bengals team. The following week is a contest versus the Tennessee Titans, who also are rebuilding.

Starting in Week six the Dolphins will face one of the toughest remainder of the 2016/17 schedule, with games against the Steelers, Bills, Jets, Rams, 49ers, Ravens, Cardinals, Jets, Bills, Patriots. Holy Moly this is one of the more difficult schedules in the league.

At least one good thing we can look forward to is that Miami’s bye week in half way through the season at week eight and will give the Dolphins time to reflect on the first half of the season.

The one great thing about the NFL is that there is so much parody in the league. On any given Sunday, any team CAN win against another. This statement has been proven time after time. I am not promoting gambling, but that is why there is odds made against teams in the betting world. Everyone loves the under dog. This year the ownness is on the Miami Dolphins to play that role and be the upset team of the year. Who would have thought that last year the Jacksonville Jaguars would have a win over Miami early in last season, and who would have thought that Miami going into Houston to play the Texans, were the Dolphins had never, I mean never, in team history beaten the Houston Texans...Well, that happened too. These are only two instances that come to mind, there are plenty more. Keep in mind when you look at this years schedule, and when your toes curl up from frustration. Say to yourself the old cliche of, everyone is undefeated right now and any team in the NFL can be beaten in this day and age in the NFL.

Wow, I cannot get over how tough of a season the Miami Dolphins have in front of them. Coach Adam Gase and the rest of the Dolphin's coaching staff have one heck of a rookie season. Good Luck this year, and remember. It all comes down to who is hot and on a role down the stretch, let us hope it is the Miami Dolphins turn to be that team.

FINS UP!!!    


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