Miami Dolphins Draft Profile: Vernon Adams

How does a QB beat the possible number one pick in the upcoming NFL Draft (Jared Goff) in the regular season last year and not be mentioned as a potential steal?

Ask Oregon Ducks quarterback Vernon Adams that question.

I think he could possibly be the next Russell Wilson; Adams is 5’10” and was the shortest QB at the combine out of the 18 quarterbacks that came out to show off their talents.

At Oregon last year, Vernon Adams threw for 26 touchdowns, six interceptions and led the nation in passing efficiency. He has an incredible gift at extending plays in college (doesn’t that sound like Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson?).

Last year he led the Ducks to a 44-28 win against a Jared Goff led Cal. Goff could be this years potential number one pick. Adams went 17 for 29 with 300 yards had four touchdowns and two interceptions in the win.

He also had wins against top prospects Kevin Hogan at Stanford with a 38-36 win, and Cody Kessler at USC by a score of 48-28. In both those games combined he went 30 for 37 for a total of 612 yards thrown and eight touchdowns and only had one interception in both these wins.

How does Vernon Adams put up stats like this and is not mentioned as a top QB in the draft. This is good news for the Miami Dolphins; he WILL be available late in the draft and would give Ryan Tannehill some competition. You never know, Vernon Adams might be that diamond in the rough that is hard to find but will shine the brightest out of them all.

FiNS UP!!!

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