The Dolphins Discussion offers our opinion on a pertinent topic involving the Dolphins. Today we look back on the preseason opener.

So the Dolphins' first team — both offense and defense — didn't look very impressive in the preseason opener against Tampa Bay? Big deal.

Why? Well, anybody who watched the game would tell you it sure looked like the Bucs were a lot more concerned about making a statement in this game than the Dolphins were.

For one thing, the Bucs ran blitzes regularly with their first-team defense, while the Dolphins played it very basic.

The Bucs also ran a double reverse with wide receiver Jacquez Green, a play that gained 25 yards.

Whoop-ti-doo! Yes, he looks good, but is there really a need to show off that type of stuff in the first week of August?

We think not.

Of course, we're not suggesting that the Dolphins should be let off the hook entirely for their poor first-half performance.

Chris Chambers dropped two catchable balls, and that just can't happen.

Randy McMichael fumbled, Junior Seau got caught peeking into the backfield while he was covering running back Michael Pittman and he got toasted for a 28-yard gain, the offensive line couldn't pick up the blitzes.

Those are all things the Dolphins will have to improve on.

But the bottom line is that nothing that happened in that game was so dramatic that there's major cause for concern.

In fact, the most disturbing aspect of Friday night's game was the injuries, with long-snapper Ed Perry going down for the season, Rob Konrad being lost for a few weeks and rookie linebacker Eddie Moore suffering a worrisome foot injury.

The Dolphins remain a quality team, regardless of how they looked Friday night. Remember, it was the first preseason game.

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