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Miami Dolphins: Potential Breakout Players

New Dolphins Report Staff Writer reveals who he thinks will break out for the Miami Dolphins under new head coach Adam Gase.

With the hire of Adam Gase the Miami Dolphins have ushered in a new era of hope, a new culture,  a new offense which will  hopefully translate to a winning season and the team's first playoff birth since 2008. 

Gase’s reputation and track record of success clearly shows that he has a knack for match-ups and scheming.  He also has proven the ability to elevate unheralded players, helping them tap their potential and become breakout stars.  If you don’t believe me just ask Julius Thomas, who went from a one catch TE to back-to-back 12 Touchdown Seasons. Emmanuel Sanders, who was a 3rd option in Pittsburgh, became a 70 and 100 reception receiver under Gase in Denver, and Jeremy Langford, a rookie receiving limited reps averaged 3.6 a carry and had 6 touchdowns last year under Gase with the Chicago Bears.

This trend doesn’t show signs of slowing down now that he’s the head coach of the Miami Dolphins and is part of the reason he was such a sought after Head Coaching candidate.  With the revamped offensive line and the predicted growth and upswing in Ryan Tannehill's production this season will give some unsung heroes their chance to shine.  I present to you this years potential Gase Offensive Breakout Players.


1.Jay Ajayi – The Miami Dolphins have seen enough in Ajayi to believe he has the potential to be their bell cow back and after fighting with nagging injuries his rookie season a full offseason program will benefit him and put him in a position to succeed.  His sample size in Miami is too small to gush about but if you put on his Boise State tape you see a versatile running back with a nose for running lanes, quick decision making, and an instinct for the endzone.  Couple that with Gase’s ability to scheme his players into advantageous situations and Ajayi could have a break out year as our feature back.              

2016 Stat Prediction – 960 yards Rushing 9 TDs 320 yard Receiving 2 TDs                                                                                                                                                     

2. DeVante Parker – Often overlooked because of his injury woes and little playing time his rookie season, fans shouldn’t forget the reasons DeVante was our 14th Pick last year.  He’s an alpha receiver who makes plays on the ball and wins jump balls for his QB.  He gave us a small taste late in the season of the type of play he’s capable of and with the predicted uptick in Ryan Tannehill’s perfomance under Gase, DeVante should cement himself amongst the top receivers in this league.                                                                       

2016 Stat Prediction – 74 Receptions 1,180 Yards 10 TDs                                                           

3.    3. Kenny Stills – Stills was relatively quiet in his first year in Miami, but that all is about to change.  Stills’ has a rare combination of speed, hands, and route running that a coach like Gase can get the most out of.  Another beneficiary of Tannehill’s elevation in production, Gase will create plays and exploit matchups to put Still’s in the right place at the right time.  Finally living up to the potential everyone was excited about when he came out of Oklahoma.     2016 Stat Prediction – 65 Receptions 824 Yards 7 TDs     






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