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Tunsil Boosts Miami Dolphins' O-Line

Gilbert Cary analyzes the Miami Dolphins' offensive line following the recent addition of rookie Laremy Tunsil.

Last season for the Miami Dolphins was one of consistency. Not consistent in terms of legacy like the longtime rivals New England Patriots, but consistent as in “Ryan Tannehill goes down” or “Ryan Tannehill sacked again.” The 2015 season was much of the same for Ryan Tannehill, who finished Top 5 in the league in getting sacked for the fourth season in a row. Consistency. Tannehill has been sacked 184 times since entering the league in 2012 and through it all, has maintained an epitome of toughness, a trait the Miami Dolphins have valued enough to extend his contract through the 2020 season with a grand total value of $96 million with $45 million guaranteed.

It’s unwise to have a franchise quarterback who the team signed to a contract extension to go into the 2016 off season after a season of consistent “Ryan Tannehill gets sacked” without addressing an important need.

An offensive lineman.

For the fifth straight season (consistent) the dolphins were in need of an offensive lineman to patch up our disaster of an offensive line. Since 2012, The Miami dolphins have drafted OL in each draft, Jonathan Martin (12) Dallas Thomas (13) Ja'Wuan James (14) Billy Turner(14) and Jamil Douglas (14) and were looking to continue tradition (consistency) at the 2016 NFL Draft’s opening night. Then the drama, or miracle, whichever your preference, happened.

Despite the Blockbuster trades of the 1st overall and 2nd overall picks that were traded away for a king’s ransom, there was still virtually no way for the Miami Dolphins to land Laremy Tunsil. It’s never too late to believe in miracles. What’s being called “The Gas Mask that cost me millions” debacle landed the Dolphins Laremy Tunsil, who was once considered the hands down #1 overall pick. The Miami Dolphins have once again made a huge offseason splash for the fourth straight offseason (consistency). The world on draft night saw Tunsil smoking marijuana out of a gas mask minutes before the draft started. It was almost unanimously believed that Tunsil will not only fall out of the first round, but out of draft consideration period. It was the dolphins, who through years of mediocrity as well as problem players (think Ricky Williams and Richie Incognito), took a chance on the troubled stud.

Getting back to the point, the drama has subsided and now only one question remains. Can Tunsil thrive at guard instead of tackle?

The dolphins have gone on record stating that they will move Laremy Tunsil to guard instead of his natural position of tackle. This may be the right move considering the recent success these past few seasons of tackles transitioning to guard and finding success. Zack Martin has a highly graded tackle out of Notre Dame but when drafted by the cowboys moved to the guard position and became an All-Pro. Kelechi Osemele was a tackle who moved to guard and found a big check waiting for him at the end of the 2015 season: 5 years, $58 million with $25 million guaranteed. The Browns also have a stud at right guard who moved from right tackle in Joel Bitonio. TJ Lane for the packers is also pro bowl talent who played tackle in college and thriving at guard in the NFL.

I truly believe the Miami Dolphins have finally landed a stud offensive lineman after trying unsuccessfully (JaWuan James I’m still on the fence about) after drafting a lineman in each year’s draft dating back to 2012 season. And even though Tunsil only gave up 2 sacks his entire career at Ole Miss playing the Tackle position, he’s a special athlete that you can really plug anywhere on the dolphins patched up O-Line and he’ll still have an impact.



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