Miami Dolphins: 2 Rookies With Most Potential

Blanton Stagno comments on the Miami Dolphins' late round draft picks.

Jakeem Grant, not heard of by many, but should be recognized. Why? He’s incredibly fast. He’s has the fastest 40-yard dash time ever recorded at 4.12 seconds. He ran a 4.35 at the combine, which is also very impressive. His speed doesn’t just come from a straight line sprint. He can weave through defenders and keep his speed at the same level. Not many NFL players can do that. Grant’s athleticism allows him to have rare talents like his quickness. He is great for running quick hurry-up offensive plays, which Miami Dolphins HC Adam Gase likes to use. Grant is great for speed outs, whip routes, and drags. He also burned an NFL ready talent, which was Tre'Davious White from LSU for 125 yards and three touchdowns. Grant’s size is a concern, but his athleticism cannot be overlooked. I believe Gase will find some value using Grant in certain plays for his offense.

Brandon Doughty may just be a quarterback to challenge Ryan Tannehill down the road. He’s got talent, but I don’t think it’s enough for the NFL. He’s a quarterback who plays well when confident, but can get rattled easily. What makes a great quarterback in the NFL is to have a short memory. You cannot think about the last play or last set of downs. You have to be dialed in during the play or moment, and I don’t believe Doughty can achieve that. He plays poorly when under pressure and Miami allowed the most sacks last year. Laremy Tunsil is a great addition, but its not enough to fix the entire O-Line. His arm strength isn’t quite where it needs to be yet, and his footwork can get sloppy when he’s hurried. His senior season at Western Kentucky was a good one, but during the LSU game he showed his true colors. The talented LSU defense, filled with future NFL talents, got to him, and LSU blew Western Kentucky out. Look for Doughty to improve for the years to come, but don’t expect anything great from him anytime soon.



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