Kirby Lee

Miami Dolphins Must Improve To Make Playoffs

The following is a list of the players who must step-up from last year in order for the Miami Dolphins to make the playoffs for the 2016-2017 season.

5. The running backs – Whoever is deemed the starting running back for the Miami Dolphins has to step-up and take some pressure off of Ryan Tannehill. Even if Tannehill is put in a position where he splits carries with someone else. Similar to what the Cincinnati Bengals are doing with Hill and Bernard. The starter needs to not only be able to pound the ball for around 5 yards a carry, they would also need to double as a pass blocker to protect Tannehill from injury.

4. Jordan Cameron – When Miami acquired Cameron from the Cleveland Browns, Miami was hoping to get a security blanket for Tannehill. Unfortunately due to injuries and inconsistencies when he is on the field, it hasn’t panned out quite like the Dolphins were expecting. He needs to prove he can stay healthy, and at least be a bail out for Tannehill, when he has no one else to throw to.  If he fails to do so, he may be nearing the chopping block.

3. Ndamukong Suh – After spending ludicrous amounts of money on the all pro defensive tackle, and with all the hype that surrounded Suh, fans felt shorted by his production on the field. We were left immediately questioning the decisions coming out of the front office, wondering if perhaps the Dolphins just got the Albert Haynesworth treatment. In order to remedy these thoughts and opinions Suh has to be the guy the Dolphins and the fans know he can be, he has to be the guy everyone loved and hated in Detroit and be a dominant cornerstone on a defense filled with potential, alongside the likes of Mario Williams and Cameron Wake.

2. Ryan Tannehill – Whether you love him or hate him the fact of the matter is that the Dolphins are invested in this guy being the franchise quarterback. He has to prove that he can consistently be the guy we saw a couple years ago when he was on the last year of his contract and lead this team to the Promised Land. The Dolphins have his go to guy in Jarvis Landry, a deep threat in Kenny Stills, as well as DeVante Parker and potentially Jordan Cameron in supporting roles. It’s time to see if Tannehill can utilize the pieces around him to take Miami to the next level.

1. The entire offensive line – Let’s face it the offensive line last year was one of the worst in the league. Ryan Tannehill was sacked a total of 45 times tying him in third place of all quarterbacks sacked last year. If the offensive line can’t pull it together and lower that number drastically then you will have a domino effect of disaster, starting with Tannehill getting sacked will mean all the weapons they have on offense are nullified, this leads to quicker 3 and outs on offense, thus putting more pressure on their defense. If you watched Philadelphia last year you saw that even the most conditioned defenses get tired quick from consistent 3 and outs. This eventually leads to losses which leads to frustration, this than leads to the ultimate downfall of a franchise.

Overall in order for this Dolphins team to put all there potential to good use, this offensive line has to be the glue to hold it all together.



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