Because third-string quarterback Sage Rosenfels played pretty well in Friday night's preseason opener against Tampa Bay and quarterback Brian Griese is still experiencing some growing pains in the Dolphins offense, the questions started being asked this weekend: Could Rosenfels actually supplant Griese as the No. 2 quarterback behind Jay Fiedler?

The answer, in case you needed to be told, is no.

The Dolphins didn't chase Griese in the offseason only to give up on him because it's taking a little while to get going.

Yes, Griese is struggling. He's trying to get up to speed in Norv Turner's offense, he's resorting to dumping the ball off a lot, he looks hesitant in the pocket, his throws don't seem to have a lot of zip behind them.

All of that is true. But by the same token, Griese has way more experience than Rosenfels, having been a starter in the NFL for a few seasons. Also remember that he made the Pro Bowl a few years back.

So it's not as if the guy is totally useless.

Yes, he really didn't look sharp against the Bucs, but you have to remember he had only practiced very briefly with the first offense and he was going against the Bucs' first-teamers on defense.

Rosenfels had the benefit of going against Tampa Bay's backups.

It was encouraging to see Rosenfels play well. The guy could develop into a solid backup for the 2004 season when Griese probably will have moved on. And, who knows, maybe Rosenfels will challenge for the starting job at some point.

But it's not going to happen this year, not even challenging for the backup job.

Just like Griese is not going to challenge Fiedler for the starting job. The depth chart at quarterback is pretty solid, and it's not going to change.

And that's not just us talking. Coach Dave Wannstedt said the same thing on Monday when he was asked if Rosenfels would get some work with the second offense this week.

"Brian is going to take all the second-team work," Wannstedt said. "That's the way I plan to continue doing it. Brian is going to be fine."

So anybody looking for some big story at quarterback, sorry. It ain't gonna happen.

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