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Way Too Early Miami Dolphins Season Predictions

Jake Whitehead reveals his very early and very optimistic season predictions for the Miami Dolphins.

With the Miami Dolphins' regular season just under four months away, I decided to get all the Dolphins fans excited with extremely early season  predictions for the regular season and potential postseason. Keep reading to find out how far the dolphins go this year.

Week 1: @Seattle Seahawks – I think that while this game will be a close one and will show the improvement of the Dolphins’ defense from last year. The Dolphins are ultimately overwhelmed as they drop the season opener 17 – 27 starting the season 0-1

Week 2: @New England Patriots – Since the Patriots won’t have Tom Brady and since the Patriots lost a defensive captain in the offseason, the Dolphins get the win fairly easily 27 – 9. This smooth’s their record out at 1-1.

Week 3 vs. Cleveland Browns– The first home game of the season comes against a rebuilding browns team resulting in what should hopefully be a stellar showing for Jarvis Landry, Ryan Tannehill, and the entire Dolphins defense. 38 – 3 going above .500 with back-to-back wins at 2-1

Week 4 @Cincinnati Bengals– Regardless of their playoff record in the regular season the Bengals are a serious threat to any team especially at home. I’m giving the Bengals the win as the Dolphins' offense struggles while the defense manages to slow the Bengals'high powered offense. 6 – 17 lowering their record to 2-2.

Week 5 vs Tennessee Titans– Another home game against a team still in the middle of the rebuilding phase results in another easy win 28 – 6, advancing their record to 3-2.

Week 6: vs Pittsburgh Steelers– This game can go either way. I have this one going down to the wire with the Dolphins getting the win in overtime 27- 20 getting back-to-back wins for a second time and improving their record to 4-2

Week 7: vs Buffalo Bills– The Dolphins look to avenge their losses to the Bills from last year.  They do so in this game getting a nice win in a hard fought game of tough defenses and exciting offenses 20 – 17, advancing their win streak to 3 and setting their record at 5-2, looking like a completely new team from last year.

Week 8: The bye week their record stays at 5-2

Week 9: vs New York Jets - Regardless of whoever the Jets starting quarterback, is I think the Dolphins get the win at home (if the Jets have Ryan Fitzpatrick 27- 17) (without Fitz 27 – 9) continuing their win streak as well improving as their record to 6-2 and matching last season's win total.

Week 10: @ San Diego Chargers – Both teams should have much improved teams from last year, however the Dolphins show they’re the all-around better team  in all areas on the field as they get another win 34 – 17. This makes their overall record 7-2 and the Dolphins continue an impressive win streak, more wins than last year.

Week 11: @ Los Angeles Rams – This game will be low-scoring with two of the NFL’s best defenses going at it but the Rams rookie quarterback Jared Goff struggles and the Dolphins get yet another win as well as a near shutout 13 – 3. They improve to 8-2 and tallying up another one on their win streak.

Week 12: vs San Francisco 49ers – The Dolphins get the win no matter who starts between Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert at home 20 – 10, notching up another win. At 9 – 2 they get 9 wins for the first time since 2008.

Week 13: @ Baltimore Ravens- The Dolphins lose a close one in Baltimore late in the season 16 – 24 ending the winning streak at 8 and dropping their record to 9-3.

Week 14: vs Arizona Cardinals– The Dolphins have a rough time getting anything going at home against the Cardinals losing 14 – 31, and they lose two in a row for the first time all year, making their record 9-4.

Week 15: @ New York Jets – The Dolphins sweep the Jets this year by winning (20 – 17 Jets with Fitz) (20 – 12 Jets without Fitz) and snap the two game losing streak, going 10-4 in the process.

Week 16: @ Buffalo Bills– The Dolphins split with the Bills this year and take a tough loss in Buffalo losing 14 – 21 dropping the record to 10 -5

Week 17: vs New England Patriots – The Patriots with Brady back in their lineup coming off a 4 week suspension to start the season beat the Dolphins in a shootout as the Dolphins defense struggles to stop anything. The winner gets the higher playoff seeding. Patriots win 42 – 49

 Final record:10 – 6 and the Dolphins make the playoffs for the first time since 2008 due to the victory over the Steelers early in the season. 


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