Steve Mitchell

Dolphins' Adam Gase Up For The Challenge

The start of 2016 was off to a great start with the hiring of Miami Dolphins new head coach Adam Gase after a failed final season under Joe Philbin.

Joe Philbin gave the Miami Dolphins a 1-3 start last season and led them to a 24-28 overall record without leading them to a winning record or making it to the playoffs. Since the time of Philbin's hiring in 2012, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has been quoted to say he is “extremely disappointed” in an article from ESPN. No one can blame him, after all since Philbin’s takeover tensions on the team were high especially from QB Ryan Tannehill and the team’s defense, including an altercation in October of 2015.

The team had their interim coach Dan Campbell who did all he could for the rest of the season and made a valiant effort with his new coaching practices, but it just was not enough to save the Dolphins from Philbin’s reign of terror.

Fortunately, that is all behind the team now. New head coach Adam Gase looks promising. He is known to fix and improve the abilities of QB’s, which will help Tannehill in the long run. Ross must have been impressed with the way Gase handled and revived the Chicago Bears' Jay Cutler in one season. Along with this he helped Tim Tebow during the 2010-2011 season to improve his passer rating yards per attempt and decrease his interceptions and that is why the team will expect so much from him.

Adam Gase came to the team in a time of strife and after quite a few disappointing records having been ranked No. 23 in total offense and No. 30 in total defense, he has a lot to shoulder. But, if the way he has turned around QB’s is any indication of his ability, then he can definitely turn this team around too.



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