Steve Mitchell

Dolphins Attitude In Camp, Must Stay For Year

Over the past two weeks as a recent staff writer for Dolphins Report, I have written two articles.

One about the best rookie in the league, Laremy Tunsil, at least in my opinion and the other on Miami’s new head coach Adam Gase, who has a lot of potential. You could say this piece is the third in a trilogy for the OTA's.

Let me start off with this. This years training camp has to improve more than what we have seen in the years before. The Miami Dolphins always have good training camps and then when we go out into the fields, things get rough and we lose. I do not want that to happen again. However, now we have some fresh new players and a new coach and different strategies. It is best when the team tries a few approaches and not just one which is what we have been doing for the past few seasons.

We need to have our players be in good headspaces, Ryan Tannehill has been in a bad place over the past few seasons getting into fights with his own teammates, but ever since camp started he seems to be a bit happier. Maybe it has to do with his personal life or maybe it is Gase building him up but whatever it is, it works. It needs to continue if we are going to head to the Super Bowl next year.

I also want to emphasize teamwork at this point, because from what I have seen the Dolphins have not been working as a unit. This is the biggest downfall for our team and this is mostly because of Joe Philbin who drove many of the players apart and caused some of them to not get along. If the Dolphins are going to get anywhere in camp and in the upcoming season, they need to work together once more. There is no 'I' in team.


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