Miami Dolphins Should Avoid Arian Foster

The Miami Dolphins should avoid RB Arian Foster this season. Blanton Stagno breaks down why.

The Miami Dolphins would be irresponsible to give Arian Foster a contract offer. He’s 29 years old and has been beat up year after year. Being 29 years of age is old for a running back in the NFL. NFL running backs only have about 8 good years of running the ball because they get beat up so much. Marshawn Lynch confirmed his retirement earlier this week during an interview with 60 Minutes. He decided to retire because he got hit “over and over and over…and over” and he couldn’t take the beating anymore. Foster has been considered more than beat up. In his previous years he has suffered injuries that have sidelined him for multiple games and even the remainder of a season. His knees have been the main source of his injuries during his NFL career. Right now the Miami Dolphins cannot sign an injury prone back for a high price.

Foster costs 6.5 million a year, and the Dolphins cannot afford to spend that kind of money while they are rebuilding their team and trying to make a run for the playoffs. Foster could either be very valuable or a complete waste. It is a gamble that a rebuilding team would not make. A statement was released on June seventh by the Dolphins saying that they would only take an interest in signing Foster if one of their running backs was injured. Personally, I think that is smart because Foster has been great in his NFL career, but injuries have held him back. Like I said it’s a gamble, and the signing of Foster or taking an interest in him should only happen when something goes wrong with one of Miami’s already signed backs.

The Dolphins have Jay Ajayi, Kenyan Drake, and Jakeem Grant (yes he will play some RB) to fill the role that Lamar Miller left open. Ajayi is a power running back who has a lot to prove, and is favored to win the starting job. Kenyan Drake is a promising player for the Dolphins. He is a lot like Percy Harvin with his versatility and speed. He should be a great compliment to Ajayi. Jakeem Grant is one that I am highly interested in. He’s undersized at 5’6 weighing in at 165 pounds, but might be the fastest player in the NFL. In college he recorded a 40-meter time of 4.12 seconds. That is the fastest 40-meter dash time in history. Grant could be the most dangerous punt returner in the NFL next year. Also I look for him to play a bit of wide reciever and see if cornerbacks can keep up with the speedster.

As of right now Arian Foster is not needed, but if something happens to one of these three promising players they might want to take a look at signing the veteran.



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