Miami Dolphins Cornerback Battle Heats Up

Draft Pick Xavien Howard was selected in round two and selected 38th overall. He will now be competing with second year corner Tony Lippett for the cornerback position. Will the Rookie Howard be up for the challenge or will Lippett hold strong?

There is a profit in giving the rookie a chance and Xavien Howard might prove to be one of those rookies. According to he has “32 passes defensed, including nine interceptions, over the last two years.” This is amazing. It shows Howard’s determination to get the play done and have it succeed. He is a monster and it is hard to score on his team when he is pushing through with that agility and accuracy.

With any advantages there are disadvantages, and Howard has a few. Such as the “14 pass interference and 5 holding penalties against him over [the] last two seasons,” and the seven touchdowns he allowed in 2014. He tends to doubt himself and his team and that makes his quickness troubling for everyone when he overshoots his target and does not read the QB as he should. If Howard wants to be CB he has a lot to learn and currently I just do not believe he is ready for that position. It is not to say that next season he will not be but he is just too new and inexperienced and it will only harm the Miami Dolphins.

Tony Lippett on the other hand has proven that he has what it takes to handle the team and it has been noted that he does tend to be average as a “blocker and downfield receiver”, but when he is going for it he gives it his all.

He has great stats as a CB having been “targeted eight times for just 13 receiving yards with three passes defensed” and seeing more than half of his catch go for a first down. He is smart and thinks quickly, adjusting his route when it is needed and taking on pressure like it means nothing. He moves at a speed that is unreal and along with his quick thinking he cannot be stopped.

I am for Lippett here. I want to believe in Howard and I think in the future he will get his shot, the boys being within a birth year of each other have a lot of competition but Lippett will take it. He is just what we need right now.

FINS UP!!!   

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