Dolphins Must Sign Landry & Jones Promptly

The Miami Dolphins need to make sure they have their number one wide receiver and safety under contact before it costs them too much to keep them both.

Jarvis Landry is arguably one of the best wide receivers in the NFL today. He has proven this in his play on the field and in his leadership with the Miami Dolphins in the locker room.

Landry has two years left on his contract, like safety Reshad Jones; both will be looking to sign very lucrative contracts before their current contracts run out with the Miami Dolphins.

Other players in the league have been locked into contract extensions before it costs their current team a fortune to keep them. For example, wide receiver Allen Hurns of the Jacksonville Jaguars just signed a four-year contract for $40 million dollars. In the last two years, Hurns has earned this contract by putting up stellar stats and being the Jaguars number one receiver. By signing Hurns to this extension, Jacksonville will be saving an estimated four to five million dollars a year down the road.

Reshad Jones has already tested the Dolphins to see if he will receive a contract extension, which would make him the highest paid safety in the league. Jones was holding out of Dolphins mini camp this past week. His hold out lasted one day, as there was speculation that the Dolphins were possibly going to fine him $12,765 for missing the first day of camp. That’s a hefty price to pay to prove a point this early in the contract negotiations.

As for Landry, having Allen Hurns sign his extension puts added pressure on the Dolphins to make sure they do not lose Landry to another team in the near future. Does Wes Welker ring a bell? This is the same predicament that the Dolphins found themselves in 2007 when a very talented Wes Welker left the Dolphins to join the New England Patriots via trade, when he was in his prime.

That mistake the Dolphins made then, cannot happen with a player of Jarvis Landry’s talent. He is absolutely too good of a player to lose at any cost.  If Miami wants to keep him under contract and not cost them an insane amount of money down the road, they need to extend his contract NOW. This will be no easy task, the Miami Dolphins are in cap trouble and making this happen will require some creative thinking.

I feel that the Dolphins will have a lot of hard decisions to make in the near future by restructuring other players contracts to make cap room for Landry and Jones. Over this past off-season the Miami Dolphins restructured defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh’s massive contract. In his old contract, Suh was going to take $28.6 million of cap space for this year. After the restructured deal, the team freed up $15 million in cap space.

I fear that this will be just the start of what will have to happen to other players’ contracts if Miami wants to keep Jarvis Landry and Reshad Jones in a Dolphins’ uniform for the foreseeable future.



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