kirby Lee

Miami Dolphins Brandish New Uniforms

With the new season just a few months’ away, new announcements are happening daily. Whether it’s free agents being signed, trades being made, or stadiums being improved.

This week was no different for the Miami Dolphins, as it was announced that they’ll be dawning a brand new color rush uniform. The debut of the uniform will come on the Thursday night game against the Cincinnati Bengals in which the Dolphins will be rocking all orange whereas the Bengals will be all black.

While the color rush itself has been around for a few years, it’s been an either yay or nay experience. One thing’s for sure, the uniforms are always eye-catching, even if that does mean that a migraine warning needs to be posted before the color rush games.

Regardless of how the color rush uniforms are received this year we can all agree as NFL fans is that when we see them, we know one thing and that’s that football is back!


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