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Dolphins Need To Target Jordan Cameron

Staff Writer Jim Driano tells us why he thinks TE Jordan Cameron should be used more by the Miami Dolphins.

Out of USC, Jordan Cameron was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the 4th round of the 2011 NFL draft.   In his first couple of years in the league, he didn’t have much playing time, scoring only one touchdown on 26 catches.  But in 2013 Cameron became a starter and caught 80 passes for over 900 yards, including 7 touchdowns.  He was also voted to the Pro Bowl.

It looked like Jordan Cameron was coming into his own and the future looked bright.  Unfortunately, he had a propensity for getting concussions.  Cameron got his first concussion in 2012, a 2nd in 2013 and a 3rd in 2014.  This caused him to miss numerous games.  Finally, after playing in only 10 games in 2014, Cleveland gave up on him.

When the Miami Dolphins signed Cameron as an unrestricted free agent in March of 2015, they envisioned him being the down field threat they lost in Charles Clay.  At 6-5 and 260 lbs., Cameron is also bigger and faster than Clay was.  It was only hoped, he would remain concussion free, which he did for all of 2015.

In the season opener against Washington, Cameron showed his speed and hands, catching 4 passes for 73 yards, including a spectacular diving catch for 27 yards.  He led the Dolphins in receiving on the day, and they won the game.

In the next game against Jacksonville, Cameron continued his production catching 3 more passes from Tannehill, for 62 yards.  The Dolphins lost the game but Cameron was showing he could be everything the team hoped for.

In week 3 however, Cameron seemed to slow down.  Although he was targeted 8 times by Tannehill, he only caught 3 of those passes for a measly 16 yards.  All of a sudden, there didn’t seem to be any chemistry between Tannehill and Cameron, and that became more and more evident as the season went on.  In fact, Cameron was targeted only 51 more times in the last 13 games.  That averages to less than 4 passes thrown his way, per game.  By years end, Cameron was targeted a total of 70 times, catching 35 of those passes. 

If you look at the top Tight Ends in the NFL, they all get over 100 targets per season.  I’m talking about players like Greg Olsen, Rob Gronkowski, Delanie Walker, Travis Kelce and Gary Barnidge. If those names are familiar, it may be because they are all were Pro Bowl Tight Ends.

Guess what, when Jordan Cameron was voted to Pro Bowl, he was targeted 117 times on that season.  This fact should lead to the obvious; Throw him the ball!

Jordan Cameron agreed to re-structured his contract for this season.  If not, he probably would have been released.  He will get another chance to show that 2013 season wasn’t an aberration, but a lot will depend on how many times he’s targeted.  So if the Dolphins want a Pro Bowl Tight End, just throw the ball to Cameron…Often.



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