Miami Dolphins HC Adam Gase Press Conference

The Miami Dolphins training camp press conference was a few days ago and I want to talk about what the new head coach had to say.

First of all, the Miami Dolphins have changed head coaches almost every two years and we do not count the interim coaches they have hired and fired since 2011. If the Miami Dolphins hope to succeed in the upcoming years they need stability and security and Adam Gase is a good place to stop on if there is one. However, I have talked about some of this in an article I did a few weeks ago. I would like to move on to something different.

Adam Gase’s press conference on July 26, 2016 brought a few new ideas to the team. He wants to test the mental fortitude of the players as he finds it most important. He claims to in no way give any player special treatment and that it is going to be quite tough on them, a training tactic he does not think they are used to especially for the rookies this year. He also understands that there are players on the team that are returning with injuries and he states that he will have to go a bit easier on them to accommodate their recovery but the accommodations with be intense as well.

Gase said as well that he understands Ryan Tannehill’s busy life as the man is a recent first-time father but he has also been studying Gase’s playbook. But, his concern moreover is how Tannehill will get along with the receivers on the team but he made it clear that he was happy that this training camp is beginning anew for everyone. It means to him that he can mend relationships between the players are work on their togetherness this term.

Not only this but he recognizes the team as a lot of work that will not be squandered. He knows that the team has a lot they have to do if they plan to do anything of significance this year and for that the players will respect him and work just as hard as he does. Gase will command the room and the players will follow suit.

All in all, Gase’s press conference gave us a few ideas of what his plans were for the upcoming training camp and there is a lot to look forward too.



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