Miami Dolphins' Lines Frustrate Gase

This weekend, the Miami Dolphins held a scrimmage match and according to report from Palm Beach Post’s Hal Habib the defensive line was there to win. Unfortunately, the offence was not as inspired and this frustrated head coach Adam Gase.

Head coach Adam Gase had nothing but praise for the defence stating that they were at "[...] another level" while the offence had "[...] no juice whatsoever. It was almost [just] like a walkthrough." Looking over the stats posted it is most likely that Gase's irritations are the nicer version of what he really feels.

He was surprised by the lack of care the offensive line showed on the field and how they were seemingly sleepwalking the whole way through. His disappointment is felt by offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen and the rest of the offensive staff as the all had to watch the disaster unfold.

According to, The Phinsider, the unofficial stats “had Andre Brand, Jason Jones, and Jordan Williams each recording a sack, with Julius Warmsley and Cleyon Laing splitting another. The offence settled for six field goal attempts, with Andrew Franks connecting on all three of his attempts and rookie Marshall Koehn finishing the day 2-for-3 on his attempts.”

If the Miami Dolphins offensive line wants Gase to stop nagging and do more, advanced training then they have to start taking these matches more seriously. He will not take any performances that do not match up to his standards and that means everyone on the team has to be held back. Quite frankly we all expect more.



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