Miami Offense has no “Juice” Or Does It?

Miami Dolphins WR Jarvis Landry is a ball-magnet and Ryan Tannehill’s explains the team's offensive woes.

Last Saturday’s scrimmage was dominated by the defense, and Head Coach Adam Gase’s press conference demeanor implied he was emotionally crushed by the way the offense performed.

“Defense went to another level. They took it even more than what they did last time,” said Gase. “Offensively, there was no juice whatsoever. It was almost just like a walkthrough.”

However, the offense seems to be full of “Juice” when it comes to Dolphins Wide Receiver Jarvis Landry.

Whether it be scrimmage or 7-on-7 drills, quarterback Ryan Tannehill has clearly made it known who his favorite receiver is on the team. He has heavily fed Landry in every practice throughout camp.

Landry will gladly keep eating. He’s the type of alpha-male receiver who stays hungry(Draft him in your PPR’s, People!). It’s also nice to see you are keeping the offense’s most efficient weapon involved. But these are 5-10 yard passes we are talking about.

This is “bothersome” considering Adam Gase is known to be a respectable Coordinator and quarterback whisperer. Granted, this is also a new offense for his quarterback, but this is Ryan Tannehill’s 5th year in the league. Most would agree he has plenty of weapons to open up the offense, especially during practice. Gase has noticed Tannehill’s Juice-vision and has taken measures to spread the ball, but it has not been successful.

“One day, I tried to script every play to where he[Landry] wasn’t in the progression, and somehow the ball gets to him. I mean, the guy’s like a magnet. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Gase went on to elaborate on his answer and did not blame his quarterback for continuously throwing to the receiver.

“I’d be more concerned on ‘why are you forcing this throw?’ but that’s not what’s happening. He’s at the right place, right time and they place certain coverages. And the ball ends up going to him.”

Jarvis may be the number 1 receiver, but the number 2 receiver on the team is not DeVante Parker, it’s not Kenny Stills, and it’s not Jordan Cameron. It’s not even a receiver at all. It’s running back Jay Ajayi (or Arian Foster. It depends who is in). Now, I don’t necessarily have a problem with this considering Lamar Miller was such a weapon last year catching passes out of the backfield. But the offense looks conservative, it looks downright boring.

You know what it looks like? The Kansas City Chiefs. Yes, the Alex Smith offense. The 20-yard box West-Coast style for a weak-armed Game Manager quarterback. Delivering short passes to Travis Kelce or backfield passes to Jamaal Charles, and Jay Ajayi is no Jamaal Charles.

Now, Ryan Tannehill is not a weak-armed quarterback. In fact, Ryan Tannehill has all the physical tools in the world to be successful, but he is conservative. Except last year, when he made surprising, improvement on deep passes. However, in crucial moments he resorted to the safe and short passes.

But this is not a game. This is practice (“we talkin’ ‘bout practice”). This is the time for Tanny to experiment stretching the field and distributing to all his receivers.

But these short passes could be the metaphoric “baby-steps” the offense is making grasping the new offense.

“We’re still installing. So some of the stuff we are putting in is still new. So we are still going through some of the thinking. And that’s going to happen at this stage in Training Camp with a new offense,” Ryan Tannehill said today after practice. “The more reps we get, the more practices we go through, that’s going to continue to decrease the amount of thinking that goes on and the more playing we can just do. And that’s when you’re gonna see us play to our full potential.”

Adam Gase is not focusing on Tannehill’s play for Friday’s game against the Giants and talked about his expectations for the offense.

“I’m more focused on the entire group. I’d just love to see our guys go out there with confidence and our execution has got to be the number 1 priority for us.”



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