Jasen Viniove

Miami Dolphins vs NY Giants History

The Miami Dolphins will be embarking on their 51st NFL season this year. That is a long time and one might think the Dolphins have played the other 31 NFL teams more times than you can count. This is certainly not true when it comes to the NY Giants, this week’s opponent.

The truth is these two teams have only met 8 times in their respective histories.

Unfortunately for the Miami Dolphins, the Giants have enjoyed these meetings a lot more.  The New York Giants have won 6 of the 8 games played.

The first game played between these teams was in 1972.  The Dolphins perfect season was in high gear and the Giants weren’t equipped to do anything about it.  The Dolphins won that game 23-13, continuing their perfect season.  But since that first game 44 years ago, the teams have only played 7 more times.

These teams last played on a Monday night last season.  This was a home game the Dolphins really needed to win if they wanted to have any chance at a winning season and a possible Wild Card berth.  Instead, the Giants handed the Dolphins their 8th loss of the season 31-24 and ended any playoff dreams for the team and fans.

The Dolphins have actually played the Giants 4 times in the Millennium, but they’ve only beaten them once.  That 2003 game was played in East Rutherford and ended with the Dolphins up 23-10.  Since that time, however, the Giants have beaten the Dolphins 3 straight times.

But it was the game that was never played that probably would have been a real barn burner.  That game was supposed to be played in the Dolphins new Joe Robbie Stadium, in 1987 but the second players strike in 6 years, cancelled the game.  Imagine seeing Dan Marino in his prime, with Mark Duper and Mark Clayton his main targets.  Imagine the Giants featuring Lawrence Taylor and that fantastic Defense trying to stop them.  What an entertaining game that would have been.

What does all this mean for the first preseason game of 2016?  Probably nothing.  This game will be won or lost by backups, as first preseason games often are.  So will the Dolphins backups be better than the Giants backups?  The answer will come late Friday night…


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