Dolphins QB Tannehill Make or Break Year?

This is Ryan Tannehill’s fourth year in the league. I am a firm believer that this is his make or break year.

As of the end of last year, Tannehill’s career NFL stats are not too shabby. He has accumulated 2,248 passing attempts with 1,392 of those being completed. Ryan Tannehill has thrown 87 touchdowns with 54 interceptions since coming into the league in 2012. He has thrown 15,460 yards and has a passer rating of 85.2.  When you look at these numbers, it really is not that bad from a statistics point of view.

The meat of this conservation is that he hasn’t developed quickly enough to be that quarterback to take the Miami Dolphins to the next step. Yes, I totally agree that one player doesn’t make a team go to the playoffs year after year. It does take a total team to accomplish this feat. Or does it?

I believe that when a team is hot they are hot, look at the Carolina Panthers from last year. They were the hottest team in football last year and when got to the big show, they collapsed. Quarterback Cam Newton was the leader of the Panthers and he led them to the Super Bowl. It is the leadership and play of Tom Brady that leads the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl year after year. It was quarterback Drew Bress that took the New Orleans Saints to the Super Bowl, it was quarterback Brett Favre that led the Green Bay Packers to numerous playoff appearances and eventually capturing a couple of Super Bowls. It was the play of quarterback Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens that gave them two Super Bowls (yes the defense had a huge part in both those titles, but he was at the helm for both championships). Are you seeing a trend here?

I hope this is the year that Ryan Tannehill shows that he is quarterback capable of leading a team to the playoffs year after year. It would definitely help if the personal that the Miami Dolphins have selected through the draft, free agency, and through trades will become that supporting cast that he needs to succeed in doing this.

This debate will continue to arise throughout the year and into the off-season. Fins fans have been growing impatient since he took over the reins of the Miami Dolphins. He has to prove that he isn’t just a Monday morning quarterback.

FINS UP!    


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