Steve Mitchell

Dolphins Vs Giants Game Injuries

Who is in and who is out for the Miami Dolphins as they take on the New York Giants in pre-season game 1?

Since August 5th, six players have missed training camp. From RB Kenyan Drake who pulled his hamstring and was held off from practice for four straight practices to the most recent injury his fellow RB Arian Foster who will be benched for the big preseason opener this Friday against the New York Giants.

It is an unfortunate beginning to the season to see all these players take a seat away from the field. But, Gase is doing what it is noble and what makes sense by taking the appropriate measures to save their energy before they do some damage that cannot be undone. In the meantime, they do sit at practice and watch and the other players on the field make a bigger step and take on more precautions as a lesson from the wise.

It should not take long until Drake is on the field again but it is unsure if he will also be able to participate in the New York Giants game, there are no reports of him being better but if he  and the camp doctors have been working together then he can get back to running plays in no time. My hope is that he will be there because if Foster is not around we need someone else with just as much potential and not to say that our other RB’s are not doing their best out there but I have always like Drake and I want to see him do more before an injury can ruin his chances.



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