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5 Takeaways Dolphins Cowboys

Derrick Henry reveals his five takeaways from the Miami Dolphins' loss against the Dallas Cowboys.

Like my 5 pre-game predictions, let's go with five post-game revelations from the Miami Dolphins' 2nd game against the Dallas Cowboys:

First,let's take away the positives of this game, going to our offense. 4th-year WR Kenny Stills is almost the solo highlight reel here, having obtained both touchdowns and a significant portion of our yardage by himself. Hopefully, he finally evolves into the post-Saints-traded WR threat/nightmare he is supposed to be.

Welcome, QB Ryan Ryan Tannehill, to the 2016 season.

Not bad at 12/20 and 162 yards, while everyone not named Stills suffered from chronic dropsies. I'm trying to keep this as media-friendly as Gase did; - "Cheapshots & Conduct" sounds like a hot Texas-low-shelf drink, inspired especially by Dallas' James Morris' helmet-led hit on a sliding backup QB Matt Moore, immediately resulting in concussion protocol. The rest of this contest included other high or late hits on our offensive personnel while Dallas' defense bullied our front lines, regardless of player-string depth;

Adam Gase and Co. probably have tackling dummies set up alongside road shoulders, from Dallas to Orlando, for our defense. Statline of the preseason thus far: Dallas' 300 FIRST-HALF yards. Dallas RB Alfred Morris looked 2nd-string All-Pro vs us. To the best of his Redskins film, he never looked that good, averaging 7 yards per rush. Miami Defensive Coordinator Vance Joseph should make a long training "do's & "don'ts" film out of Dallas. Our secondary has no printable adjective for their performance in Dallas, besides poor, atrocious etc . . .

-Statistically, Tannehill has one of the highest sack/pressure rates in the NFL at over 180 in 4 years. Regardless of who's our QB, they can't complete passes looking at the sky in 3 seconds or less. Where are you, Jordan Cameron, Jarvis Landry & DeVante Parker, when our QB stays upright? Targets and drops don't count, catches do.

This is our team's 1st short-turnaround test this season, playing the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday night. Let's hope our offensive line, receiving corps, defense and oh, yeah, special teams (blocked punt) can hurry up and shake this off, while Gase and Friends make game plans and position adjustments while in transit. We can't get "drummed" like this again, especially when the 3rd preseason game is usually the season's "dress rehearsal." That would continue testing Gase's vocabulary in a media crunch.



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