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Dolphins Report Preseason Week 2 MVP: Kenny Stills

Miami Dolphins WR Kenny Stills gets Dolphins Report's MVP award for his performance against the Dallas Cowboys.

Kenny Stills played phenomenally well in a preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys.

It is clear that Kenny Stills and Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill were on the same page for last Friday’s game, and even though the results were not what the team hoped for Stills came to impress.

Not only did two of his three catches land in touchdowns, the third one was settled in his hands for a whopping 55 yards. And all because Ryan Tannehill has taken him under his wing as he needs someone other than Jarvis Landry to work with this year.

The connection is there and it worked the best it could, but, hopefully in the future we will see a better process to their teamwork. In the meantime though, defense this game dropped the ball and offence had to pick it up most particularly Stills who held the whole game on his back.

Look to see if Tannehill continues to target Stills, easily the team's fastest WR and most dangerous deep ball threat. I believe this is only the beginning of what we will see from Adam Gase in terms of using Stills' deep ball skills.



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