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Falcons Boast Most Important Dolphins Test

Back from vacationing in the depths of the Chilean mountains, Blanton Stagno reveals the true test behind the Miami Dolphins, as they face the Atlanta Falcons in pre-season week 3.

Week 3 of preseason football is the most important week for players to prove to their coaches that they deserve a spot on a 53-man roster. It is no easy feat for a player to accomplish this task. During week 3 coaches will have their starters play past halftime and battles for certain positions will finally be set.

Last week the Miami Dolphins fell to the Dallas Cowboys in a 41 to 14 blowout. Miami was missing its offensive and defensive flare. Ryan Tannehill looked spectacular as he connected with Kenny Stills twice, both for touchdowns, but after Adam Gase took Tannehill off the field, Miami was suddenly headed downhill. Dak Prescott, rookie quarterback for the Cowboys, made the Dolphins look like shrimp. In three possessions the Miami defense gave up 188 yards along with two touchdowns. If Miami wants to have a successful season their defense must improve. With all the coaching changes over the off-season I expected Miami to improve on both sides of the ball. The offense looks a lot better, but the defense still needs more work.

Adam Gase has said that the Dolphins need to run the ball more in this upcoming game. This news should excite fans because we want to see more of Arian Foster. He didn’t look all that great against the Cowboys, but one game doesn’t tell all that much. Jay Ajayi looks to be the starter right now, but he still has a lot of developing to do. Look for Foster and Ajayi to get the majority of the runs this upcoming game and maybe come week 4 we will see who the starter will be.

The Atlanta Falcons are coming off two strong performances in their first two weeks of preseason football. They are 2-0 and look to make it 3-0 when they face the Dolphins Thursday night. So far the Falcons seem to be moving the ball effectively both with their starters and backups. Their defense also looks solid as well. The Falcons will be without starting kicker, Matt Bryant and will instead go with Shane Graham.

The Dolphins should be looking forward to this match-up because the Falcons look solid and it would be nice if Miami could embarrass them. I believe the Dolphins will make that happen. After coming off a blowout loss where nobody looked that great except Tannehill and Stills on those two connections the Dolphins should hit the field with loads of energy. This is a big game for the men trying to make the 53-man roster. Position battles are still going on like who will get the starting running back job. Both teams will play hard as the players try to prove their worth, but remember the starters will play longer. I believe Miami is more talented when you compare the starters of the Falcons to the Dolphins, which is why I have the Dolphins winning 28-21.


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