Mike Pouncey Will Help Some of Dolphins' Problems

Zaria Cornwall has already named the Dolphins Report Week 5 for the Miami Dolphins. It's Mike Pouncey, returning from injury.

Mike Pouncey returns to the field, a.k.a I am already penciling him in as my MVP for this week as the Miami Dolphins take on the Tennessee Titans this Sunday. 

Just yesterday after a long time from the team Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey came back to play the game once again.

He has missed four games with a fractured hip but his fire remains.

Mike Pouncey is ready to take on his next opponent but he is not without fear of his current injury even though it seems to be looking better. Pouncey has stated that he was not sure how intense his injury would be believing that he may not be able to return to the game he loved so much.

He is only 27 but having been in the professionals since his early 20’s, Pouncey has been playing a long time and that is a lot of hits for someone nearing 30. But, we remain hopeful although Pouncey himself was worried before he knew the certainty of his injury, but now is sure he can play again for the team, which has a dire need of leadership at this time.

The Miami Dolphins have had a disappointing season so far but it is just the beginning and with Pouncey’s help they can turn it all around. And with statements from the team it is 100% a known fact that the team is happy to have him back. There is a real sense of camaraderie with this group of guys and it is reassuring.

As a three-time Pro Bowl lineman Pouncey is acknowledged as an asset by HC Adam Gase and he recognizes the HC as a necessity for success. Together we can only hope the next 12 games to go smoothly and see how far the team can take it. For what he has gone through these past few games Pouncey really is an MVP, his strength and determination to get his body back in working order is admirable and I believe my fellow 'fins fans would agree with me that he deserves the title this week.


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