Miami Dolphins' Offensive Woes Continue

The Miami Dolphins couldn't get anything going against the Titans, and have since released Dallas Thomas and Billy Turner.

In sports, athletes occasionally have a “revenge game,” that game where you inflict your will over another team for whatever loss or reason. You would think that the Miami Dolphins would still be a little upset over losing the last preseason game to the Tennessee Titans, although it didn’t count? No. Ever so often, even good writers run out of words describing futility.

Should offensive productivity of this feeble caliber continue, I may use too many adjectives, and still not have conveyed an entire, inept season. The only first-place we will position ourselves for will be a first-round draft pick, challenging early favorites – the Cleveland Browns. Before we get into discussing yardage and “threat” players (i.e. QB, RB, TE, WR, etc.), any realistic fan looks at their offensive line, their “front five,” the guys in the trenches who are supposed to create time, space and opportunities.

The left side of our O-line, played by the recently waived LG Dallas Thomas and LT Billy Turner was kryptonite to the 2nd power. The best example of their combined vulnerability was exposed when a Titan lineman managed to beat both of them somewhere close to the 2-minute mark. Both Thomas and Turner have been waived after Sunday’s performances.

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Unfortunately, QB Ryan Tannehill stands a very good chance of continuing to be one of the most sacked QBs in the league since 2012, his rookie year. Another area of concern to be addressed, IMMEDIATELY, is the number of RBs on roster. Titans RB rookie sensation Derrick Henry had 54 yards by himself, behind Titans QB Marcus Mariota @ 60 yards, and the game’s leading rusher, DeMarco Murray, with 121 yards. On the defensive side of the line, our defense gave a clinic on bad tackling. Probably a significant amount of yards after reception or handoff would be avoided, if we simply tackled better. Maybe we need to go to a power-running game, vs. gimmicks or slots.

One of Tannehill’s greatest assets, being displayed hit after hit, is his resiliency. Which leads to two questions? Is backup QB Matt Moore ready to lead, should Tannehill take one punishing blow too many? Should we add another arm to the roster, just in case? Tannehill’s liability is lack of a pocket presence. Most average QBs have a 6th sense when their pocket is collapsing, or at least when time is running out. Tannehill performs best on rollout or bootleg plays. A new type of west-coast-offense, maybe? We are still not scoring in the first quarter on a regular basis. One of the true, albeit small highlights, thus far has been our special teams units.

We are currently near the bottom of the league in several areas, including rushing yardage. Tight End usage/yardage. O-Line ranking, 3-and outs, etc. Playing at home is supposed to employ the famous basketball adage, “Not in my house.” This week’s DH Award goes to Jakeem Grant for a great punt return for a touchdown. He showed maneuverability and great field presence. He has slot tendencies and speed, a slot WR perhaps? Next week, Big Ben and the Steelers come to Hard Rock.


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