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Miami Dolphins Schedule Lightens Up

The Miami Dolphins won one of the most challenging games of their season this past weekend.

This was supposed to be a tough "L" on the Miami Dolphins schedule. You know, one of those ugly-but-feel-good losses by 1-3 points? We took that margin, winning 28-25. We're turning Vegas on its ear. Our bye-week looks a whole better on a two-game winning streak. Our morale improves, as well as 2 weeks off for our players to rest or heal. Let's review another good win. I'm starting to like this . . .

-Kickoff/Punt Returns: In the trenches and in the red zone, football becomes a game of inches. It's a lot easier when WR Jakeem Grant is averaging 20 yards per kickoff return and 10 yards per punt return, respectively. Better starting position means faster scoring and fatiguing an opposing defense doing overtime, playing too many opposing series. Special teams defense gets a shout-out for an onside kick recovery with the game on the line; O-Line Consistency: I used to wonder if QB Ryan Tannehill has spare jerseys and body parts, considering how many sacks, hits and rushed passes were recorded per game. With our originally scheduled starting five, we currently rival the Dallas' front five, not an easy feat to achieve considering the line's previous reputation and rank at season's start. RB Jay Ajayi credited his current breakout rushing success to this version of the O-Line.

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Last week, RB Ray Ajayi used an old R&B term. He said he didn't want to be a "one-hit wonder." What does he do? He becomes only the 4th in current football history to have consecutive 200+ yard games (O.J., Earl Campbell, Ricky Williams.) That's rare company. In week 9, he gets a chance to keep the record to himself vs. the Jets. An honorable mention to 3rd-string RB Damien Williams for carrying the ball & several Bills defensive players on a 12-yard TD run; -A Balanced Attack: There are enough game balls for everyone this week. One goes to Ajayi, especially that 53-yard touchdown.

The entire WR Corps of Jarvis Landry, Kenny Stills and Jakeem Grant for all their contributions this game. However, Landry should watch his penalty counts. Defensively, DT Ndamukong Suh & Co. made a long day for Bills QB Tyrod Taylor & their star RB, LeSean McCoy. Our resilient attitude in the face of -11 points in the 3rd period to continue fighting was excellent; A first for the DH Award this week. They are the same recipients from last week, the Dolphins' offensive line & RB Jay Ajayi. Next week, we're on a bye. In week 9, we get to watch Rex's old team, the New York Jets, crash and burn, I mean land, at Hard Rock.



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