Miami Dolphins Ajayi Season MVP?

The Miami Dolphins have a new star in RB Jay Ajayi. Can the "J-Train" keep it going all season?

If you did not see last Sunday’s game then you must have been living under a rock because the Miami Dolphins dominated the game against the Buffalo Bills and it was great.

 The greatest player of all this week, however, is Jay Ajayi who not only has been playing so well for weeks on end but really showed himself in this game.

Ajayi’s 53-yard run in the fourth quarter of his 214-yard performance was played so perfectly that it must have been nerve-wracking to the Bills players. This rush made Ajayi the fourth player in NFL history to achieve something like that in two consecutive games, joining Miami Dolphins alumni Ricky Williams who did the same in 2002.

But, Jay Ajayi was the second player behind O.J. Simpson to win their games in a report by the Miami Herald “without accumulating as many as 30 carries in either game.” For the past two weeks, according to Pro Football Focus Ajayi has broken as many tackles on 54 handoffs (13). This is impressive as Dallasall-star rookie Ezekiel Elliott has done 148 touches this season.

In the latest piece Miami Herald has to report that currently Ajayi leads the league in per carry average by a remarkable margin. He is averaging 6.4 per carry, and now is also the leagues six-leading rusher with 535 yards,

We all need to remember that Ajayi was a backup behind Arian Foster at the start of the season, he is coming into his own this time and making a name for himself in this industry. With Foster now retired, look for Ajayi to receive a huge bulk of the carries from now on. 



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